US Military Deploys New Unit In Allied Nation As Warning To North Korea

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UMM…The United States military has just deployed a new unit in an allied nation as a warning to North Korea. 

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The United States military has just deployed a new Space Force unit in an allied nation as a warning to North Korea. This move comes after weeks of rising tensions between the two nations, and many are concerned with North Korea’s recent missile antics.

Daily Caller reports, In response to North Korea’s mounting threats, the US activated a new space force unit in South Korea on Wednesday.

The creation of the new U.S. Space Forces in Korea follows North Korea’s October test launch of two cruise missiles with nuclear warheads.

In November, Pyong Yang tested an intercontinental missile capable of striking the U.S. mainland, which prompted strong condemnation from the United States and an emergency meeting of world leaders.

According to The Associated Press (AP), Lt. Col. Joshua McCullion, chief of the new space unit said, “Just 48 miles north of us exists an existential threat; a threat that we must be prepared to deter, defend against, and – if required – defeat.” 

The newly formed branch posted this on Twitter:

Our presence around the globe continues to grow! #PartnersinSpace

According to The AP, the new unit will receive, process, and analyze data and information from U.S. satellites from Osan Air Base in Seoul. The primary mission of U.S. Force South Korea will be to detect and warn of ballistic missile launches.

The North Korean leader has always had a big ego and has never held back from threats to come after the U.S. He has been a continuous threat with the exception of one particular administration, but it seems he smells blood in the water.

Daily Caller reported three weeks ago that North Korea threatened to use nuclear weapons to make the U.S. and South Korea “pay the most horrible price in history,” escalating its fiery rhetoric regarding large-scale military exercises between its rivals.

Here is ABC News reporting on the threatening missile test.

Recent months have seen a spike in tensions on the Korean Peninsula, with North Korea testing nuclear missiles and adopting legislation authorizing preemptive nuclear strikes.

According to North Korea, its recent weapons tests were meant to warn Washington and Seoul over their series of joint military drills the country views as invasion rehearsals, including this week’s exercises.

Secretary of the ruling Workers’ Party Pak Jong Chon, who is closely associated with Kim Jong Un, spoke out against the “Vigilant Storm” drills, calling them “aggressive and provocative.”

According to Pak, the Pentagon had made a major policy objective of bringing down the North Korean regime, a reference to the recently released National Defense Strategy.

According to the report, any nuclear attack by North Korea on the United States or its allies and partners will end the regime.

It is essential that we maintain a careful and prudent approach to the current situation with North Korea. This Administration’s reputation as a global leader has been severely undermined, making it hard for them to gain the trust of other nations or take decisive action on this matter. Its apparent lack of expertise in foreign policy could be disastrous if mishandled; war is a realistic threat, and must be avoided at all costs. The ultimate goal should remain the same: protect our citizens from any harm and continue in pursuit of peace and stability without resorting to yet another potentially escalated international altercation.

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