Biden Tries To Impress Veterans but Math Gets In The Way

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Joe Biden has been making the rounds to impress veterans and connect with them. His most recent story, however, raised eyebrows when it focused on his late Uncle, who he claimed was at the famous Battle of the Bulge. Unfortunately, Biden seems to be a compulsive liar but math never lies. 

Joe Biden’s tendency to fabricate his personal biography has come into the limelight once again as he recently made news for apparently awarding his uncle a Purple Heart that he never received. This incident is not the first time the president has been accused of embellishing facts about his own life, or that of people close to him. From making exaggerated claims during interviews to touting false stories on the campaign trail, Biden continues to be called out by critics and members of the press who have questioned his truthfulness

The Western Journal reports, Joe Biden seems to dish out a new falsehood every month about his personal biography, and he’s done it again by claiming to have awarded his uncle the Purple Heart.

As he spoke to veterans in Delaware on Friday, Biden, who became Barack Obama’s vice president in 2008, went off script with yet another false story.

Despite Biden’s emotional story, something seemed off about it.

There is only one tiny problem. Joe Biden’s dad died more than six years before he was appointed vice president, so he could not possibly have had this conversation with him. Maybe there are two tiny problems. In 1999, Joe’s uncle Frank passed away.

Despite the president’s amazing story, math does not seem to favor Joe.

The Western Journal examined some records. The Purple Heart is not mentioned on Frank’s tombstone or obituary. Frank was also not listed in a registry of known Purple Heart recipients. An archive of Biden’s past comments shows that he has never told this particular lie before. In other words, the whole thing is fanciful and new.

Not only could the Western Journal not corroborate the story nor could other outlets.

The New York Post’s librarians were also unable to find any prior references to Frank Biden receiving the Purple Heart, which recognizes wounded or killed soldiers, in the Nexis archive, and in the repository of Joe Biden’s public statements.

In 2019, then-presidential candidate Joe Biden told a similarly emotional but false story regarding a Navy captain refusing to accept a Silver Star for his heroism in Afghanistan. A Washington Post fact checker noted at the time that Biden ‘joined elements of at least three real events into one story of bravery, compassion, and regret’.

In addition to making dubious remarks Friday, Biden told veterans that “twice as president” he had been “in and out of Afghanistan and Iraq and those areas” despite not visiting Afghanistan or Iraq as president and getting no closer than Bethlehem, about 300 miles from the Iraqi border.

Perhaps it’s Joe Biden’s age or his compulsion to lie in order to pull emotional support, regardless which one, it’s proving to be a mistake. Facts always catch up and the false stories he tells in an attempt to gain approval from military veterans is clearly a sign that he is desperate for an audience. Fabrications are never something to be proud of, but it appears Joe Biden does not mind twisting the truth if he thinks it will benefit him. Thankfully the truth exists and people are hungry for it.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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