BOOM! Abbott Reaches Deal That Could Spell Doom For Biden’s Border Failures

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s plan to finish the border wall has been met with some unexpected roadblocks, namely that a great deal of the land needed for it is privately owned. While this has been a difficult hurdle to overcome, it looks as though he’s finally made a deal, one that can save Texas.

Despite President Trump having left office and Joe Biden taking over, the decision to halt construction of a federal border wall was a hard pill to swallow. The arrival of millions of undocumented immigrants threatens not only our national security but also the wealth, safety and financial stability of those who live here legally. Governor Greg Abbott has taken matters into his own hands and struck a deal that can enable construction on the border wall to continue, in an act of defiance against president Biden’s policies.

American outlook writes, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been wanting to finish the border wall in his state for some time now, but some of the land involved is privately owned. 

He has now reached an agreement with these people. As a result, he will be able to restart the border wall construction.

Gov. Greg Abbott announced that the state will resume construction on its border with Mexico. In order to build infrastructure on private land, Texas officials and private property owners have been negotiating for a long time.

Abbott announced that more border walls would be built next month. “It took months to negotiate with private property owners on the border for the right to build on their property.

He added, “We now should be building more border wall all of next year.”

Construction of the border wall has been underway for months after Southwest Valley Constructors Co. was awarded a $167 million contract by the Texas Facilities Commission. Nearly seven miles of border wall will be constructed in the Del Rio area as part of the project.

Things have gotten so bad along other sections of the border, that even Democrats are now going against Biden.

Free beacon reports. As he arrived at the border this week, Newsom put out a video explaining that he was getting a sense of “what the world is going to look like post-Title 42.”

During his trip, according to the Washington Free Beacon, Newsom warned that California would experience an unsustainable flow of illegal immigrants once Joe Biden reverses the Title 42 policy.

Gavin Newsom told the local ABC News, “The fact is, what we’ve got right now is not working and is about to break in a post-42 world unless we take some responsibility and ownership.”

In a bold move that stands as a testament to his commitment to protect America, Texas’ beloved Governor Greg Abbott has come to an agreement with private owners of land near the border, making it possible for the completion of Trump’s stalled wall project. After all since President Biden is failing to do his job, it is now up to the Governors to get things done. The governor’s resolve is being applauded by many, especially those looking forward to Trump coming back in 2024 with a promise to save this great nation again. Whatever your political stripes may be, you have to altogether admire him for doing his job and helping keep America safe. So here’s giving Governor Abbott a great big bravo and round of applause – he’s done an amazing job and deserves recognition for it!

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