EMERGENCY DECLARED: Democrat Mayor Calls For Help

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Biden’s failed policies have caused such a significant border crisis that local Democrat leaders in El Paso are forced to declare a state of emergency. 

The Biden administration is facing strong criticism as the border crisis worsens, and the Democratic mayor of El Paso has declared a state of emergency in response to an expected influx of immigrants. As soon as Bidentook office, it was clear he had failed to take steps to address this illegal immigrant crisis; consequently, illegal immigrants have been pouring across the border. Now that so many have come across, most are being forced to sleep on the streets, where the Biden government has allowed them to freeze outside their makeshift shelter camps. 

Washington Examiner reports, as Title 42 immigration rules expire, El Paso’s Democratic mayor declared a state of emergency over the continued influx of immigrants.

At a press conference to announce the declaration on Saturday, El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser said he would call it if asylum seekers or the community were not safe.

During that press conference Mayor Oscar Lesser declared an Emergency, and spoke about Title 42 ending.

Recently Karine Jean Pierre was out lying for the President again, claiming it was Republicans to blame on the border crisis. 

According to Breitbart, in the White House briefing room, Jean-Pierre answered a question regarding the end of Title 42, which allows U.S. authorities to turn away migrants due to pandemic emergencies. 

In his first days in office, President Biden rescinded many of President Trump’s policies, including the border wall construction project. The Biden administration retained only Title 42 as an enforcement tool.

According to Jean-Pierre, Biden had “secured record funding” for border security, while Trump had “gutted” immigration.

Furthermore, she accused Republicans of harming border security by refusing to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

The Biden administration has now failed to protect our borders, leaving illegal immigrants pouring across. Now that so many have come here, Biden’s government has allowed them to sleep on the streets, freezing and struggling for shelter. This is a huge issue, and we need Biden to take proper action. It seems like the only solution is going back in time and giving Donald Trump a second term so he can make things right. Despite Biden’s claims that the border would be safer than ever under his leadership, the White House lied – and now it’s up to us to save America from this embarrassing border crisis. We need troops sent immediately to protect our borders and show Biden what true leadership looks like.

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