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As the situation on the US-Mexico border looks more like a warzone than ever before, it looks as if an alien invasion is coming. National Guardsmen are flooding El Paso and Humvees are being lined up along the banks of the Rio Grande in expected preparation for tens of thousands of migrants every day, even though title 42 has been paused. Despite this pause, it looks like a Mexican standoff is here to stay.

Turning into what looks like a warzone overnight, the Texas National Guard arrived at the southern border in El Paso. Soldiers across the Rio Grande River from Ciudad Juárez could be seen armed with rifles and humvees at the ready. Even though Title 42 has been paused, it looks like authorities have expected an influx of migrants — what looks like an invasion is coming! Fences were added to the banks of the Rio Grande to prevent such crossings, as a small group of migrants remained on Mexico’s side of the border.

With new bolstered fencing and troop presence, DailyMail photographer James Breeden got the first look at the border.

Additionally, Breeden captured this dramatic video of migrants being turned back by the Texas National Guard at the El Paso border.

Despite the Supreme Court’s pause on Title 42 expiring, Governor Greg Abbott sent Texas National Guard to El Paso Monday as warnings that illegal crossings along the entirety of the border could surge to an astonishing 14,000 a day or more. In response to the migrant crisis, these troops have been absolutely crucial in managing our security and have helped process over 1,000 immigrants daily in towns such as Eagle Pass, El Paso, Laredo and Rio Grande Valley. Alarmingly, last week El Paso saw a staggering spike of 1,000 migrants joining the largest caravan in their history  which left no doubt of why the Texas National Guard has been placed there this week.

The situation along the US-Mexico border is becoming increasingly alarming as Abbott takes it into his own hands in reaction to Biden’s inaction. In El Paso, hundreds of migrants have been forced to sleep in the cold on the streets since local and private facilities have become crowded beyond capacity. With Title 42 paused, National Guard are swamping the area and Humvees have been positioned along the Rio Grande in anticipation of an even greater influx of individuals. Disturbing images have begun to circulate of the Mexican standoff, painting a picture that looks more like a warzone than ever before – as if an invasion is imminent despite Abbott’s measures.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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