Shock Measures: Woke California Colleges Demand Students Purge Common Phrases From Their Vocabulary

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It appears that one cannot utter a common phrase these days without being called a racist. Stanford University’s declaration that seemingly innocuous words are now considered racist is just another example of the democrats’ lies, false narratives, and woke mentality. 

It appears that the democrats’ fascination with fascism to get their way in politics is no longer just a thing of theory. With censorship hitting an all-time high and books being burned across the nation, democrats are now taking a hardline approach to enforcing their increasingly insane woke mentality. Colleges in California seem to be the proverbial icing on an already lunatic left cake as they attempt to control any opposing ideology by silencing it through wide-ranging bans and outrageously authoritarian measures. It seems that democrats have resorted to tactics more similar to those of a dictatorial regime than that of a free democracy – making it impossible not to conclude that they’ve lost touch with basic human decency.

The Free Beacon reports. The California College system encourages students to get rid of ‘harmful’ phrases such as ‘brown bag lunch’

Similarly, Stanford University and California Polytechnic State University discourage the use of gender-based terms like ‘mother and father’. If you’ve ever used phrases like “brown bag lunch” or “long time, no see,” congratulations: You’re a racist.

In an effort to purge “potentially harmful terms” from the university’s websites, the university’s IT department is launching its “Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative.” According to the guide, saying “blind study” is “ableist,” while saying “balls to the wall” inappropriately “attributes personality traits to anatomy.”

Stanford is not the only university to purge its linguistics. According to a set of instruction slides obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo warns incoming students against saying “father and mother” or “boyfriend and girlfriend.” In place of mother and father, the university suggests “supporter,” while boyfriend and girlfriend are replaced with “partner, beloved or lover.”

In an effort to appear progressive, universities and other elite institutions are increasingly using “woke” language. In its budget proposal for 2022, the Biden administration referred to mothers as “birthing people.” Stanford is one of several colleges that encourage students to use the term “Latinx” to describe Spanish-speaking individuals, even though most Hispanic individuals dislike the term.

It appears the democrats are ushering in an Orwellian future by telling students which phrases to use and censor. Not only does the democrats’ woke mentality erase our rich American heritage and historical language, it is another attempt for democrats to deceive Americans into thinking you can be a racist just by saying something as ordinary as “brown bag lunch.” They want to control what we say just like they want to control how we think and live. The lunatic left has infected our schools with their liberalism and as a result, it is destroying America day by day. This latest move should be proof enough that democrats lie when they say they care about free speech; they just want us to parrot their own views or else remain silent.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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