KJP Draws a Line in the Sand with Most REVOLTING Statement We’ve Seen Yet From Her Throne of Lies

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre may as well be channeling the spirit of Joseph Goebbels, because Monday’s repellent statement was straight out of the White House of Lies. From her throne of lies and outright spin, she suggested that anyone who thought the Southern border was wide open must just be spreading gotcha misinformation. She’s like Baghdad Bob reborn in a White House Press secretary role! Whatever happened to just speaking facts? Is this what we’ve come to? Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is living in an alternate universe, the White House of Lies if you will. In a move that would make even Baghdad Bob proud, she has astoundingly asserted that it is ‘misinformation’ to suggest the Southern border is wide open. She waved off the suggestion as being allied with traffickers and cartels. Quite frankly, a White House spokesperson seemingly claiming that people should just shut up and not talk about what’s happening along the southern U.S./Mexico border is cause for concern. Whatever your thoughts are on this matter they certainly cannot be considered “misinformation”.

“Anyone who suggests otherwise is simply doing the work of these smugglers, who, again, are spreading misinformation, which is very dangerous,” Has she gone mad?

She went on to say, yet again, the border is not open.

By doubling down on her Close Border hallucination, she further gaslit the American people, claiming that if you express concern about the border situation, you are supporting the traffickers.

Let’s check in with the scene at the border shall we?

Congressman Tony Gonzales provided FoxNews with a video showing extreme overcrowding at the Border Patrol Central Processing Center in El Paso, Texas, where 4,600 migrants are being held. The capacity is only 1,040.

So what is the White House plan to fix the problem? Mass Amnesty.

Meanwhile, El Paso’s Democrat mayor has declared a state of emergency because he feels unable to protect his community or asylum seekers. In response, Karine Jean-Pierre provides a prepared script from her binder.

It’s a new low when Karine Jean-Pierre gaslights America with her bold-faced lies, suggesting people who think the southern border is open are spreading disinformation. With each word from her throne of lies, she is disseminating propaganda and intentionally misleading citizens. It’s beyond disheartening that Jean-Pierre would stoop to this level—lying to our faces and trying to manipulate us into believing something that isn’t true. Joseph Goebbels would be pleased! 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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