The Attack On Life Continues, Vandals Target Another Center and More!

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The recent attack on life continues as yet another center and more becomes the target of vandals. Life is under siege goes without saying and the fact that groups or destructive individuals feel it necessary to systematically vandalize life-promoting centers is a crying shame.

Once again, life has been attacked. Vandals recently visited a pregnancy center as well as the home of one of its board members in a malicious attempt to silence those who support life and protect the innocence of children. This cowardly act is an injustice that cannot go unpunished. It is important now more than ever to stand together and speak out against these abhorrent acts so that life may continue to be cherished and celebrated.

News Buster reports a pregnancy center and a board member’s home were vandalized on December 17. Both buildings were spray painted by vandals. It will be interesting to see what local authorities do about it. At best, official responses to these attacks have been perfunctory. 

ABC did a special report on the matter.

Because the left tends to think that any establishment that helps pregnant people but doesn’t kill babies is lying, vandals called Pregnancy Aid a fake clinic and lied. Pregnancy Aid provides free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, formula, and clothing. Women and children are helped by the center, which is a good thing. 

The temper tantrums that pro-aborts have thrown across the country have continued to threaten pregnancy centers.

However, those attacks are visible to the public, while vandalism in a home is personal.

The clinic that the board member serves simply wants to help people. The organization does not provide abortion services because abortions harm women and children and are not a solution to a problem.

As a result, pregnancy centers such as Pregnancy Aid and others with similar policies choose to help rather than hurt their clients. Although local police may investigate, the FBI simply turns a blind eye to these attacks. 

Despite FBI Director Christopher Wray admitting that 70% of post-Roe violence has targeted pro-life groups and churches, the FBI refuses to admit whether or not it has made any arrests. 

As long as the FBI and the Biden Administration don’t act, attacks against pro-life centers will keep happening and attackers will get away with it.

But do these pregnancy organizations want the FBI to investigate these matters after their heavy involvement in paying companies like Twitter to censor words, while ignoring actual threats like this incident?

Daily Mail reported, Nearly $3.5 million of taxpayer money was paid to Twitter by the FBI to handle requests for account bans.

Twitter’s Safety, Content & Law Enforcement (SCALE) has ‘collected $3,415,323’ from the FBI for ‘law-enforcement related projects’ in less than two years, according to an email sent in February 2020.

According to the email, SCALE had instituted a ‘reimbursement program’ in exchange for devoting staff time to processing FBI requests.

The email was titled ‘Run the business – We made money! ‘.

It’s no secret that the FBI has been cozied up with the Democrats at this point – they’re working hard to keep conservatives from speaking up, hindering our free speech every chance they get. We have to ask ourselves: how can we trust any FBI investigation related matters when it comes to threats against pro-lifers? Without true independence between the FBI and one political party, it’s not a far reach to imagine the FBI paying vandals and protesters to target pro-life individuals and organizations. But with God on our side, we will not waver. Someone has to stand up for the unborn.

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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