DISINFO ALERT: FBI Calls Conservatives Conspiracy Theorists in Shocking Statement

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 In a shameful move this week, the FBI released a statement which showed just how biased and disconnected from reality it has become. Thus further proving that they have become a cog in the wheel of the Democrat party.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of their collaboration with Twitter to censor conservative stories, the Bureau’s release called ordinary people who oppose Big Tech censorship “conspiracy theorists” and liberals cheered. Yes, you heard that right: in an era of political correctness, some liberal lunatics are firmly on board when an authority figure attempts to shame American citizens for voicing concerns about suppression and censorship.

Newsbusters reports, following the release of the latest Twitter Files this week by journalist Michael Shellenberger, which revealed that the FBI and Twitter conspired to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story, the FBI issued a defiant statement denying any wrongdoing. The FBI’s obnoxious statement shows their contempt for average Americans who are concerned about tyrannical Big Tech censorship.

ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News ignored the FBI’s nasty statement, as they did with the Twitter Files. It was instead local weather reports and Donald Trump’s taxes that dominated the three networks.

However, Fox News decided to comment on the FBI’s ridiculous statement.

While the FBi might say it is disinformation the fact remains crystal clear that they actively worked to restrict freedoms protected in the constitution.

Ny Post reports. The latest release of the “Twitter Files” authorized by new owner Elon Musk also provided more examples of how the FBI was being used as a political weapon targeting American citizens who disagreed with the Democrat party.

It is shameful indeed when a governmental agency, supposedly tasked with protecting us from tyranny, instead throws its weight behind those very despotic groups they should be challenging – leaving ordinary Americans suffering under their oppressive eye. The FBI has come a long way from being the most trusted law enforcement agency, and now it resembles more of a Big Brother type of entity than a law enforcement agency focused on truth, and justice. The question remains if the FBI can reclaim its lost honor, or if they will continue to do the dirty work of the Democratic party. Regardless of the outcome, imagine if Trump had asked the FBI to go after people, the liberal media would be foaming at the mouth to make sure everyone knew the facts, but instead they remain silent, covering this obvious political collusion up.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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