MSM Hypes Racism As Cause For Climate Crisis

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NBC’s Thursday Nightly News segment provided evidence of a ridiculous case of grifting, as the network decided to take a ‘woke’ angle on environmental justice with no basis in reality whatsoever. In coverage of the water crisis facing Jackson, Mississippi, rather than presenting facts they opted to hype up the narrative pushed by left-wing extremist groups such as the NAACP and Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency. This is clear clickbait journalism at its finest – and an insult to all those suffering from real issues that need attention but don’t fit into NBC’s woke agenda.

Lester Holt and Zinhle Essamuah shamefully pushed the woke agenda with the water crisis in Jackson Mississippi, concocting blatant lies to paint racism as a factor. Claims of “environmental justice” and that our nation’s laws are racist against poor black communities were put forth without any evidence to back it up. 

Newsbusters reports, There was no evidence that our nation’s environmental laws are racist against poor black communities during Thursday night’s NBC Nightly News when anchor Lester Holt and correspondent Zinhle Essamuah used the water crisis in Jackson Mississippi as an excuse to race-bait about “environmental justice” and claim that our laws are racist against poor black communities. In place of pushing back, NBC hyped the NAACP & Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) claim that racism was a factor in Jackson’s lack of clean water.

Nbc Nightly news played this clip highlighting the fact it was racist that the water was not clean.


There is one part of the Jackson water crisis that nobody was talking about.

EEnews reports, As a result of this summer’s water crisis, law firms and lobbying firms rushed to secure millions of federal dollars for Jackson, Miss.

Tens of millions of dollars in federal aid are at stake for the city’s collapsing water system. In turn, winning that aid could prove lucrative for those seeking to advocate on Jackson’s behalf.

Jackson’s search for government relief began after Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency in late August when storm flooding rocked OB Curtis Water Treatment Plant, according to documents obtained by E&E News under a public records request.

Mississippi’s capital city has proposed to be represented before Congress and the Biden administration by one of K Street’s most prominent firms, Squire Patton Boggs.

So hundreds of millions of dollars were at stake in this. Flint Michigan had no drinkable water for years before someone cared enough to help them out, yet when lobbyists and other firms got involved there was almost immediate federal aid given, as of the 23rd of December Congress approved 600 million dollars to fix the water treatment plant. That was only 4 months of issues for the residents, not the years that Flint dealt with bad water. Goes to show you when big contracting firms, and lobbyist groups who make a percentage of monies that come in get involved, money tends to move quickly. It is a shame that the politicians do not genuinely care about these issues without lobbyist firms getting involved. But to add insult to injury here, the media was pushing the racist narrative so hard they almost broke the teleprompter when writing that script, and who is to say that it was not racism that kept other cities from having clean water? Look at the Crestwood, IL water scandal where residents developed brain tumors from the water. Or Flint Michigan where residents were given lead polluted water. All predominantly black neighborhoods. No outrage, or timely resolution there.

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