Senator Screams Get Your A** Out Of the White House To Biden

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Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has called President Joe Biden out for being oblivious to the crisis of illegal immigration. Graham, who is known to express himself with strong conviction, lashed out at Biden’s failure in not taking a trip to the border and experiencing firsthand how serious of a problem this crisis is.

By canceling Title 42 – the program re-established under Trump that has effectively prevented thousands from entering illegally – Joe Biden has demonstrated he simply doesn’t care about the economic and inflationary threats posed by unchecked immigration. Yet Graham was left unchallenged when he pointed out these facts, leaving many questioning if this crisis will now become institutionalized as another example of failed leadership.

Daily Wire reports, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham ripped President Biden’s attitude toward illegal immigration, ripping him for avoiding a trip to the southern border to see first-hand how serious the problem is.

According to Graham, Title 42 was implemented during the Trump administration, and tens of thousands of illegal immigrants were prevented from entering the country illegally.


Senator Graham was reacting to a Christmas message that Biden had put out where he stated the country was getting better.

Fox news reports. The “universal” message of the Christmas story should transcend political lines and bring people together, according to President Biden. On Thursday afternoon, Biden made the comments during a Christmas address. Afterwards, Biden spoke about how divided politics have become in America and how it shapes people’s perceptions.

Lindsey Graham was right, Biden needs to get his ass out of the White House, and get down to the border and really see what is going on. For the president to deliver a speech about the Christmas season and not even mention Jesus once, was an affront to millions of Christians around the country and millions more across the globe. To further make speeches about bringing people together, all while Biden has weaponized the judicial and executive branches to attack his political enemies is laughable. Biden is now acting like Big Brother from 1984- putting out a message and then doing the exact opposite, it is further incredible that the President held off from threatening Americans again with fighter jets and special forces, must have been a Christmas thing to not do that this time. 

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