New CNN President Issues CRUSHING Blow for Employees Hosting New Year’s Eve Events

During CNN's New Year's Eve broadcast, Chris Licht reportedly won't allow employees to drink alcohol.
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During CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, Chris Licht reportedly won’t allow employees to drink alcohol.

The network’s control room will host Licht on New Year’s Eve as it tries to rebrand itself as a serious news source. CNN’s employees will be sober during the New Year’s Eve broadcast under Licht’s direction.

The changes come after CNN was criticized for showcasing “raunchy” tweets live on air during a past broadcast.

The tweeters, with fake names such as “Ben Dover” were the ones who seemed a bit off color.

Anderson Cooper and Bravo executive Andy Cohen hosted the broadcast, who both appeared to be intoxicated. They were seen tossing back tequila shots live on air.

Chris Licht’s decision to not allow CNN employees to drink alcohol during the New Year’s Eve broadcast came at a time when the news source is looking to rebrand itself as more serious. Keeping the broadcast kid-friendly is key as the hosts can still have fun while sober, providing an example for young viewers. This comes in response to Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen’s infamous tequila shot incident which caused great embarrassment for the network in the past. An environment of sobriety this New Year’s Eve may just help bolster the network’s smart move towards achieving more seriousness through its coverage.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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