What?! 250 Million In Damages To Military Bases!

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The Biden administration’s failed foreign policies have resulted in an unprecedented disaster with the U.S. military having to pay a quarter of a billion dollars for damages at eight bases that housed Afghan refugees who were evacuated due to the deadly, botched withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan, ceding it to the dominion of the Taliban. 

This is nothing short of insanity. Who will pay for this damage? The American people or those responsible for these insane policies? The Air Force has already said, sadly, that most of the damage is ‘unrepairable’ adding insult to injury. Let’s not forget that 80 service members lost their lives in this ill-fated and reckless bid by some for power. Shameful indeed!

Fox news reports, According to a Department of Defense report, the U.S. military bases that housed Afghan evacuees sustained $260 million in damage, which the Air Force deemed irreparable.

DOD inspector general reported last week that eight bases housing refugees in Texas, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Virginia, New Mexico and Indiana are asking for repair money after they sustained over a quarter billion dollars in damage.

During the deadly, botched withdrawal that saw Afghanistan fall under Taliban control, 120,000 evacuees were taken to the U.S.

The report stated “DoD installations reported that facilities and equipment were overused, damaged and remained in various degrees of disrepair, resulting in a costly maintenance effort,” It continued  “DoD installations need to restore their facilities and equipment to a condition that enables them to conduct trainings, prepare for future events and return to normal base operations,”

Some bases were more damaged than other bases, and needed more help financially.

Military.com reports,  There were some bases that requested more money from the DOD than others. Over half a million dollars were requested in repair costs for Fort Bliss in Texas, where 11,472 migrants were housed, while $145.6 million were requested for Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, where nearly the same number of refugees were housed.

It was also questioned by the Inspector General of the Department of Defense whether the money was being requested solely for repairs to evacuee housing.

US State Department worked with humanitarian organizations to fill the gap caused by the sheer number of Afghans fleeing to the U.S. in September. To assist Afghans in settling in their new communities, neighbors, co-workers, faith groups, and friends formed “sponsor circles.”

The Biden administration is ready to turn the experiment into a private-sponsorship program for refugees admitted through the US Refugee Admissions Program and is asking organizations to join forces for a pilot program by 2022.

Increasing pressure is mounting on President Biden, who promised in a 2021 executive order to increase refugee resettlement opportunities for Americans and restore the United States as a safe haven for refugees.

So on top of losing 38 billion dollars in planes, helicopters, tanks, guns, missiles and God knows what else to the Taliban, an additional 258 million dollars in damage was done to our military bases here at home; all from poor planning and horrible execution from the Biden administration. So now that the military bases are destroyed the administration is looking to move all 120,000 of the refugees across America to overloaded systems, from his immigration crisis, and then further burden the system to beyond breaking. This man has no strategy, no vision, and he will drive this country into the dirt before he is done. Maybe it is all by design.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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