GET READY: Just Two More Sleeps until Republicans RULE the House and the Show Begins!

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The day we have all been waiting for is almost upon us! There are just two more sleeps until Republicans RULE the House! Come January 3, 2023, Republican party members will take over and bring a much-needed change of pace to Washington. 

Despite the pandemic and security concerns following January 6th, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy reiterated his vow to reopen Congress.

On Wednesday, McCarthy tweeted, “In six days the new Republican majority will fully reopen and restore the U.S. Capitol to the American people.”

He also added a copy of his Nov. 10 letter to officials who oversee the day-to-day operations of the Capitol.

Originally, McCarthy sent off his letter just days after the midterm elections, in which Republicans won control of the House.

The letter reads in part, ”It has been 2 years, 7 months, and 29 days since the People’s House closed. That means for 973 days, the American People have been restricted from exercising their constitutional right to petition the first branch of government. 973 days without being able to freely visit their Member of Congress at the Capitol Complex. 973 days without being able to access the House gallery and watch their representatives vote on legislation in person.”

“That posture is no longer acceptable,” McCarthy’s letter adds. 

As noted by the Washington Examiner, last week, Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger said he aimed to have the Capitol Complex ready for full reopening within three months. Tourism-oriented areas of the Capitol Complex have already reopened. 

Reservations are currently being taken for guided tours of the crypt, the rotunda, and the statuary hall. Tours do not include the House and Senate galleries.

Republicans are also anticipating putting their ‘Commitment To America’ to work in the new majority. McCarthy’s ‘Commitment to America’ is the agenda for the House Republicans when they retake the majority. 

Four themes in the agenda include: Strong Economy, Safe Nation, Future Built on Freedom, and Accountable Government. 

Get ready – in a matter of hours, the Republican party will RULE the House! This day has been a long time coming and all eyes are excitedly awaiting January 3rd when Kevin McCarthy and his constituents will bring much-needed change to the House chambers. He and other prominent Republicans have promised accountability during their tenure with the passage of the ‘Commitment to America’ agenda. With their four main themes of Strong Economy, Safe Nation, Future Built on Freedom and Accountable Government, there will be no shortage of positive change in our nation. Moreover, select investigations that were not pursued under the Biden presidency will get powerful support once Republican power is re-initiated. Get ready for huge changes as we start down an exciting road this 2023!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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