BOOM! Kari Lake Makes Next Move As Hobbs LAUGHS In The FACE of Everyone Watching Her Swearing In

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The race for Arizona governor came to a head Monday, with Katie Hobbs being sworn in with a triumphant laugh! But seemingly unfazed by it all, Kari Lake quickly made her next move – filing a petition to take her appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court. As eyes are firmly fixed upon her, we can only wonder: will Arizona’s politics look different after this power move? Stay tuned to find out!

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake received a swift rejection after her lawsuit calling into question the election results of Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs was dismissed – but maybe it’s all part of the plan. Following her election loss, the GOP hopeful reportedly petitioned the Arizona Supreme Court on Monday, in what some observers are seeing as a daring attempt to pull off a coup de grâce. But on the same day, Democrat Hobbs’ term as governor officially began, with an unexpected twist: she burst out laughing as 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Roopali Desai administered her oath! 

According to the Associated Press, the outburst was in response to her “mother’s joyous tears.”

Hobbs’ behavior was met with mixed reactions on Twitter.

@tylerbowyer, RNC National Committeeman for Arizona tweeted, “So at best the family isn’t taking it seriously. At worst she is nervous about swearing allegiance to the state and country”

@MysTerryRocks tweeted, “Dark day for Arizona”

@Coach_Crash tweeted, “I might be a little giddy in that situation but I also think I could still act professionally while being sworn into office.”

Kari hopes the appeal will be similar to last time, where people will see just how corrupt the election was. One of the things the judge refused to allow Kari Lake to bring forward was the lack of signature verification. This time it may be different.

During that same interview Kari slammed Katie Hobbs as being “a complete joke” who was incapable even of articulating her policies.”

Kari Lake may have just lost the election, but her willingness to fight back and stand up for her beliefs unearths a new level of bravery that has entranced Arizonan voters. Even in the face of Katie Hobbs’ mistimed laughter as she was sworn-in as Arizona’s governor, Kari Lake still had the conviction to take her appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court making sure that every vote cast in her favor was not ignored. Kari Lake is undoubtedly standing up on behalf of all those who voted for her, hoping that the Arizona Supreme Court will agree with the importance of each voter’s voice. Kari Lake’s initiative serves as an inspiration to many in showing that giving up isn’t always necessary when facing adversity.

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