Get Ready! House GOP Officially Taking Concrete Steps to Impeach Biden 

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After two years in office, it officially looks like Joe Biden may have a major obstacle ahead. With the new session now in full swing, Congress’ Republican majority leaders are taking concrete steps to get the impeachment ball rolling against Biden, so dust off your popcorn kernels, because things are about to heat up in DC.

With control of the House of Representatives, Republicans are focused on launching investigations into Joe Biden, as retribution for those that Donald Trump suffered. 

Trending Politics reports, in an interview this week with Fox News, Byron Donalds, who was one of the alternate nominees for House Speaker against Kevin McCarthy, said impeaching Biden would happen as a result of the evidence found in the investigations. 

Since the GOP retook the House after the midterm elections, many top Republicans have called for Biden’s impeachment. Biden’s impeachment has even been suggested by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

While impeachment proceedings against Biden are not the first thing to do on the new majority’s list, more important measures are being taken this week in order to restore accountability in our government.

McCarthy says the first order of business for House Republicans is to repeal funding for 87,000 IRS agents.

In addition, Rep. Steve Scalise revealed on Twitter that the new Republican majority will work this week to Establish a committee on the weaponization of the federal government against citizens, End SPR oil sales to China, and Hold woke prosecutors accountable. 

Despite having both his party and the media defending him for two years and shielding him from any type of blame, it looks like Joe Biden will be standing trial after all. You better get your popcorn ready, because House GOP leaders are taking concrete steps to get the impeachment process rolling against the current POTUS. With Republicans maintaining control of the House, they’re focused on following through with investigations surrounding Biden’s time in office. Not only will these efforts help uncover any wrongdoings on his part, but they’ll also promote increased transparency and accountability throughout his Administration. Many are eagerly awaiting what’s sure to be an intense investigation process and can’t wait to see how events unfold for Biden.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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