OUTRAGEOUS BETRAYALS? FAA Outage Spooks Citizens; Will Buttigieg Feel The Pain of His Parental Leave

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A shirking of duty has been revealed with the release of documents about Pete Buttigieg’s parental leave. The Transportation Secretary had gone on record publicly stating his availability “24/7,” upon taking office, yet he allegedly refused key meetings while on parental leave. This is quite embarrassing for a government official who should be setting an example to follow in meeting every assignment and responsibility promptly. His actions also come off as rather hypocritical after having boasted of his dedication to this very role. We are all left both shocked and angry by Buttigieg’s actions during his paternity leave.

Amidst current economic downturns and inflation putting pressure on airlines as well as computer malfunctions adding to unnecessary chaos, it is crucial that all members of the administration be held accountable for their duties. Questions must now be raised concerning the accountability and commitment of our public representatives.

Daily caller reports, A document reveals that Pete Buttigieg privately refused key meetings while on parental leave, despite publicly saying otherwise.

In response to questions about why he did not publicly announce his paternity leave when he gave birth to twins in August, Buttigieg told CNN’s Jake Tapper that “when you take a job like mine, you accept that you’re going to have to be available 24/7.”

A request for records under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was filed by Watchdog group Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT) with the Department of Transportation (DOT). According to newly released public records, Buttigieg reportedly delayed key meetings, including a call with Iowa GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley. It was requested from Grassley’s office that Buttigieg meet with him about a Buy American waiver request for the I-74 bridge linking Iowa and Illinois.

On September 21, 2021, the DOT informed Grassley’s office that the Secretary was on leave due to the birth of twins, which may delay arranging a meeting in the near future.

Buttigieg Went onto CNN to Defend his actions.


Apparently Buttigieg missed the meetings where they discussed how bad the FAA computers needed repairs. 

Fox news reports. Multiple crises have plagued Buttigieg’s tenure, from supply chain problems to widespread commercial airline delays, and he has been criticized for his handling of them.

While his agency and the White House were locked in tense negotiations with rail worker unions to avert a strike that could have hurt the U.S. economy, the transportation secretary vacationed in Porto, Portugal. It was a “long-planned personal vacation,” according to the Department of Transportation. 

Buttigieg was also criticized for his handling of the supply chain crisis in 2021. In the second half of the year, ships were forced to wait off the coast of California due to onshore traffic jams caused by a shortage of truckers and heavy congestion in rail yards.

When asked about the recent FAA outage Buttigieg gave a softball answer.

At a time when the economy is in dire straits and airlines are teetering on bankruptcy, Pete Buttigieg’s decision to refuse key meetings during his parental leave is not only ethically questionable but also indicative of his lack of qualifications for the job as Secretary of Transportation. Not only has Biden’s Administration failed to reduce the inflation here in America, but now this – an embarrassing refusal by one of his cabinet members to do the job he swore an oath to perform, and if he did that job he could have avoided many of the disasters altogether. It makes one wonder just what else might be flying under the radar that the public isn’t aware of.

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