Omar Admits it the quite part: Delighted by Biden Investigation

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The Biden scandal has already been a hot-button issue for some time, and every democrat is shying away from the case from refraining to adding more fuel to the issue. That’s when Ilhan Omar said the quietpart out loud for obvious attention. After you hear the entire conversation you’ll see why.

Ilhan Omar had a very interesting reason to be glad about the Special Counsel being appointed to investigate classified documents related to Joe Biden–to expose the Republican Party’s hypocrisy. This isn’t because she believes that Biden has done something wrong. Instead, it is an attempt to make the GOP “own up to its own double standards.” While many expected her reason to be a normal one like the rest of us, we were simply juked for political attention.

The Washington Examiner reports, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said she was glad President Joe Biden was being investigated for mishandling classified documents.

Let’s first double check our eyes and ears before we get ahead of ourselves here.

Fascinating to hear this, and clearly the show’s host, Symone Sanders-Townsend, notably worked for Biden as a senior strategist and was formerly Vice President Kamala Harris’s chief spokesperson. Was just as surprised to hear the same words come out of Omar’s mouth.

Yet of course, it sounds too good to be true. Let’s see what ridiculous reason Omar gave us to make her believe she’s “glad”.

What a perfectly orchestrated hook by both Symone and Ilhan to get people to watch it. Bravo! They almost got viewers there.

Representative Omar faces the possibility of being kicked off the House Foreign Affairs Committee, a promise made by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy. In 2019, Omar became the first African in history to serve on the committee.

Naturally, she accused the Republican leader of being a hypocrite for planning to kick her and two other members off. Take a look at this mombo-jambo.

Poor Omar – she really did try to put the republicans in their place with her ‘equal treatment’ stance. Unfortunately, reality proved this was a mere figment of her imagination as it became evident that Trump had free range over his declassification privileges in a way Biden never does. While it is important for laws to apply to everyone regardless of political ties, the double standard was arbitrary and outright unfair: why was only one house searched and not both? The greater moral compass cannot be ignored here, and popular opinion works for the defense of freedom and justice more than anything else – even over politics. It’s obvious to everyone with a brain that Biden should be in deeper trouble than Trump.

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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