POWER PLAY! GOP Shaken As Billionaire Richard Uihlein Backs Challenger To Ronna Romney-McDaniel

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It’s bad news for Ronna Romney-McDaniel as billionaire megadonor Richard Uihlein has just thrown his weight behind Harmeet Dhillon in her bid to become the new RNC Chair. With this power play, Uihlein is looking to completely oust the ‘swamp creature’ McDaniel and usher in a new era of GOP leadership. This shock wave is certainly setting off fireworks in DC as many are wondering how the GOP will respond to such a radical move from rich donor. Could this potentially lead to a Grand Old Purge and deliver a blue wave for the opposing side? Or will this move be too much for the party to handle? Only time will tell.

Richard Uihlein’s decision to back Harmeet Dhillon in the race for the next RNC chair has changed the political landscape. This is bad news for Ronna Romney-McDaniel, the current front runner. Uihlein, who is a major conservative donor and billionaire, sees Dhillon as an excellent fit for the position due to her respected background in First Amendment and election law. Honing those important legal skills over a long career will no doubt pay dividends if Dhillon does win the role of RNC Chair – she certainly hits all the key criteria that Uilhiein believes makes a great leader.

On Friday, Uihlein gave his formal backing, expressing that, “The course of history has brought us to a crossroads – either we will embrace a new vision and plan for victory for the future of the Republican Party, or we will remain idle and allow complacency to guide us….the Republican Party needs new leadership..it’s time for a leader willing and equipped to prevail in the fight against the radical left. That leader is Harmeet Dhillon.”

Harmeet Dhillon expressed her encouragement on “Real America’s Voice”, noting that state parties all over the country are independently voting for votes of no confidence and votes of support for her leadership. She believes this is a positive sign.

Illinois Review notes, for years, Ronna McDaniel went by Ronna Romney, due to her being the niece of Republican Sen. Mitt Romney. However, in 2017 President Trump asked her to drop her famous last name after Sen. Romney became increasingly critical of Trump’s presidency.

Romney-McDaniel has faced immense scrutiny in recent months due to their unsuccessful midterm elections, as well as the RNC’s inability to effectively combat voter fraud in crucial swing states.

Following the 2020 presidential election, Romney-McDaniel urged the party to avoid discussing topics related to election fraud, claiming in private that it was not an issue they could capitalize on.

Unfortunately for McDaniel, her reelection bid is not going very well. This was evidenced by the Arkansas GOP’s decision to back her competitor, Harmeet Dhillon, in their press statement. The GOP cited that McDaniel and the Republican National Committee had not been supportive enough of GOP candidates in the 2022 midterms as a reason for their endorsement.

Kurt Schlicter of Townhall responded to the news with a quote tweet, saying, “The tide is overwhelming against failed @GOPChairwoman Ronna McDaniel. I am privy to the whip count. She does not have the votes. It’s time to make a dignified withdrawal.”

It appears that bad news awaits Ronna McDaniel – Richard Uihlein’s support for Harmeet Dhillon in her bid to become the new RNC Chair is a clear sign that it might already be time for her to start packing. This move is seen by many as an attempt by Uihlein, who feels that she and others of the Romney clan were “RINOs” (Republicans In Name Only), to usher in a new era of Republican leadership through what could be described as a modern-day Grand Old Purge. The news has caused quite a stir in Washington DC and only time will tell what the GOP’s response will be.

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