Rep. Jim Banks Stands Up for Conservative Values: Launches ‘Anti-Woke’ Caucus to Battle the Woke Mob

The first-ever Anti-Woke Caucus will be formed to fight political correctness groups that are "indoctrinating" Americans through a "tyranny."
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As a way to push back against the far left, Republican Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana is creating a caucus called ‘anti-woke’ in Congress. We have been waiting for this for a long time. From education to the Military, the left has infiltrated everything.

According to FOX News, the first-ever Anti-Woke Caucus will be formed to fight political correctness groups that are “indoctrinating” Americans through a “tyranny.”

According to Banks, “the most toxic part of this tyranny is its doctrine – wokeness.”

As a result, he is creating the first-ever Anti-Woke Caucus in this Congress.

Banks, in an American Mind op-ed titled “Fighting the Woke Agenda in Congress,” writes that “wokeness is particularly prevalent and dangerous at universities and in primary schools.”

According to him, America and Congress must reclaim their standards and practices from those who seek to erase them. in the op-ed.

In his oped, Banks writes, “This utterly un-American doctrine would be comical were it not so powerful. And it is powerful because it is enforced not only by every major national institution. It is promoted and funded by the federal government itself.”

The op-ed speculated that America had not yet seen how far the “public humiliation” would go and what other aspects of society would be targeted next. According to him, this movement is not hindered by facts, but must be believed.

According to Banks’ op-ed, limiting free speech, changing American traditions, and rewriting history would be “comical” if it weren’t “so powerful.”

During the first year of his new caucus, the Republican will speak regularly with anti-woke legislators and subject area experts to gain a deeper understanding of the wokeness regime’s long tentacles, laws, regulations, and funding sources.

Toward the end of the op-ed, Banks called the “woke” movement “the greatest domestic threat to America today.”

Insanity has reached its limit among the American people, and Congressman Banks knows it.

Rep. Jim Banks is standing up for conservative values and leading the charge against the woke mobs in America. With his launch of an ‘Anti-Woke Caucus’ to battle the left’s attempts to indoctrinate Americans with their woke agenda, he hopes to restore American values and justice by protecting the people from mind control and tyranny that stem from woke ideology. Rep. Banks believes the woke agenda is disgusting, and he wants his caucus to be a place where individual rights and freedoms of thought are restored for all citizens. This effort marks a major victory for conservatives across the country, and ultimately, a victory for true justice in every way.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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