Gov. Pritzker: Violate the Constitution  or Lose Your Job!

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 JB Prtizker has announced he will be sending in the storm troopers against anyone who does not comply with the state’s insane gun ban bill. 

It has been the liberal wet dream for decades to take away law-abiding citizens rights to keep and bear arms. That is their last step before they can implement massive sweeping changes, and bring about their socialist utopian society, while shredding the constitution and everything America has stood for since her birth.

Townhall reports, Democrat Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker threatened this week to fire police officers who don’t enforce a new gun control law banning sporting rifles and other so-called “assault weapons” and “rapid firing devices.”


This is literally out of every single red blooded American’s nightmare, where a governor has gone rogue and is now demanding that citizens turn over their guns, and become defenseless against criminals and the state. Yet there are those who will stand up to the spoiled child of a governor.

ABC news reports, A defiant sheriff’s office has already posed a roadblock to Illinois’ implementation of its assault rifle ban, just days after it became the ninth state to do so.

A recent gun-control law signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker bans assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and switches, but at least 74 Illinois sheriff’s departments have publicly defied it. Offices have pledged not to check whether weapons are registered with the state or to house people arrested only for not complying with the law.

The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association issued a statement Wednesday opposing the law. Several sheriff’s offices began posting nearly identical messages promising not to check for compliance with the law or arrest offenders.

Sheriff’s offices began signing or modifying the statement drafted by Kaitschuk, executive director of the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association.

This week, Democrat Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has resorted to unconstitutional tactics, threatening to fire local police officers if they do not enforce his newly-enacted gun control law. Under the Protect Illinois Communities Act, a ban on semi-automatic sporting rifles and other so-called “assault weapons’ ‘ and “rapid firing devices” has been enacted – affecting more than 2.5 million legal gun owners in the state! It is easy to understand why many individuals are outraged by this draconian measure imposed upon them – it’s almost as if Pritzker is sending in storm troopers to enforce his ban! Particularly concerning is the fact that local Sheriffs had previously vowed not to enforce the gun ban due to constitutional considerations, so now Pritzker has threatened to fire these officers for holding steadfast in their commitment. These heavy-handed measures from Pritzker should strike fear into all of us – with millions of legal gun owners impacted, how long will our rights be secure?

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