Sparring Match! Schumer Struggles with CNN Over Biden Scandal

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Chuck Schumer had one heck of a sparring match with CNN anchors recently. In an unusual display, the New York senator was put in the hot seat for his opinion on the Biden scandal. Schumer appeared flustered for the unusual level of scrutiny on a favorably liberal station.

Chuck Schumer’s battle with CNN anchor Don Lemon and other reporters is nothing less than shocking. In what normally would have been a space for friendly political discourse, the senior senator from New York was put in a highly uncomfortable situation over his stance on the Biden scandal. It’s an unprecedented move even on a successfully liberal channel like CNN – although some say it reflects the times – but Schumer just wasn’t expecting that level of critical scrunity. What an interesting sight this has been as these events unfold!

Daily wire reports, on CNN late this week, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer sparred with several hosts about President Joe Biden’s growing classified document scandal.

On Friday, Schumer claimed it was “too early” to comment on whether Biden violated the law during an interview on CNN This Morning.

Let’s hear what Shumer had to say about the classified Biden documents.

Don Lemon pushed Schumer over reports that the administration made “misleading statements” that now “create the impression that Biden’s team has something to hide.”

To everyone’s surprise, now demoted Don Lemon was the one who pressed the senator on the issue. You could see Schumer’s wheels turning as he was racking his brain because he expected a cake walk like usual.

Instead of continuing to press the senator, Don easily caved after Shumer vomited his talking points.

What Schumer believed to be a dodged bullet only seemed to ricochet towards Poppy Harlow. She aggressively delves into the lack of transparency given to the American people.

That was almost entertaining had the anchors stuck to their guns and continued to press him, yet slimy Schumer was the typical democrat politician.

The last time, Schumer said little about the Trump case only because he appeared on the horrible Rachel Meadows show.

Here was the “Heated” exchange when Schumer was kindly asked to comment.

Quite a lion’s den there, isn’t it?

Rachel Meadows has become the paragon of the ‘fake news’ epidemic. Her interview style is notoriously partisan, with many saying she does little more than sit back and provide a platform for her usual liberal guests to pander to their usual left-wing audience, with no real challenge to their points. This unambitious approach is in sharp contrast to Chuck Schumer’s recent appearance on Don Lemon’s morning show – while that exchange may not have been particularly heated, it was likely the most adversarial conversation Schumer has had on a left-wing channel lately. It was clear that Lemon was no Rachel Meadows lookalike when it came to subject matter. Perhaps Lemon is spicing things up to get his prime time show back…

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