Greg Gutfeld Left Stunned by Geraldo Rivera’s Unbelievable Remarks About AR-15 Owners

On "The Five" on Tuesday, Rivera said something so stupid that Greg Gutfeld was flabbergasted, according to RedState.
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Fox’s decision to have Geraldo Rivera on the network is unclear. It seems as if his chief purpose on “The Five” is to say something inflammatory and/or ridiculous while the network doesn’t seem to mind.

On “The Five” on Tuesday, Rivera said something so stupid that Greg Gutfeld was flabbergasted, according to RedState.

He attacked people with AR-15s, claiming they acted “macho” and “look at me,” to which Gutfeld responded, “It’s a rifle.”

Rivera then claimed AR-15s were machine guns, and said that “AR” stood for “Automatic rifle.” Needless to say, Rivera was blasted for his ridiculously wrong comments.

The AR-15 is not a machine gun, it’s a semi-automatic rifle that fires one bullet per trigger pull. Geraldo shows the incredible ignorance that much of the liberal media shows when it comes to guns. They only know what the current talking point is, which is that AR-15s and machine guns are evil.

They should have educated themselves more by 2023, wouldn’t you think? But they don’t care about the truth when they’re busy pushing talking points.

As it turns out, it’s not just liberal media like Geraldo who don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to guns. It’s politicians and those who make policies and pass laws who are also ignorant.

Tuesday’s exchange between Greg Gutfeld and Geraldo Rivera certainly shocked viewers; while it was difficult to keep a straight face, it is clear that those who own AR-15s and respect the Second Amendment have an informed opinion on the matter. Rivera showed his massive amount of ignorance when it came to guns, as he spewed laughable uneducated musings about how anyone with an AR-15 somehow acts in a ‘macho’ manner. Despite the fact that AR-15s are not machine guns, Rivera continued to paint a picture that was unrealistically terrifying.

Next News Network Team

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