CELEBRATE! MTG Gets Historic Appointment to Committees!

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After two years of consistent opposition from the Democratic Party, we Republicans finally have an opportunity to set some things right. The reinstatement of two influential figures to their respective committees proves that American voices will certainly be heard again. Finally, we can undo many of the wrongs caused by overzealous decision making by the previous majority. This is a chance for us to restore order and legislation that brings back economic stability, protection for Americans both at home and abroad, and growth in conservative ideals.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Arizona Rep Paul Gosar have been given a place in the 118th Congress on two House committees each, marking yet another turning point in the Republican Party. Greene, who has become a vocal figure of late following her stance with Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s bid for House speaker, will now have a chance to wield her influence on Capitol Hill and make sure the party’s conservative values are kept all throughout the legislative body of government. The placement of these two Republican representatives is certain to cause waves both inside and outside the Congress, as it provides a clear road map for their political ambitions and goals as they look to further serve their constituency.

The washington examiner reports, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has been appointed to two House committees after vocally supporting Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s House bid for speaker in the 18th Congress.

The House GOP Steering Committee appointed Greene to the Homeland Security Committee and the powerful Oversight Committee. National security legislation, including border and immigration issues, is dealt with by the Homeland Security panel, which also oversees the Department of Homeland Security. One of the GOP’s investigations into classified documents found in former Vice President Joe Biden’s office will be handled by the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability. She had previously expressed interest in joining the Oversight panel.

In February 2021, the House voted to remove Greene from her committees, with 11 Republicans joining Democrats in booting her from her panels after a series of controversial social media posts became public before she became a member. In addition to antisemitic remarks, accusations that the Parkland shooting was a false flag, and remarks propagating the QAnon conspiracy theory, she also made antisemitic comments.

Following the Republican majority regaining control of the House, McCarthy promised to reinstate her on her committees and remove Democrats who made inflammatory comments.

As well as Greene, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) will serve on the House Natural Resources and Oversight panels.

In November 2021, Gosar was censured and removed from his committees after posting a controversial anime video depicting violence against progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In the past, Gosar has also been criticized for speaking at a white nationalist convention. In past years, Greene has also spoken at the event.

We are glad to see Marjorie Taylor Greene and Representative Paul Gosar back in their rightful places after the Left attempted to wield control by removing them last year. The attempt showed us just how far the left is willing to go, but thankfully their efforts weren’t too successful. Now that they are reinstalled, we can come back even stronger and can go on the offense and get the American people some hope. We cannot afford any wasted moments, as there is much work to do and time is of the essence. Hopefully this move should have democrats scared because they should be. 

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