Nightmare Scenario for Biden As High Court Curbs Illegal Aliens Rights

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The Supreme Court has delivered a harsh message to the Biden administration as they confronted two cases involving illegal immigrants. 

The Supreme Court has dealt another blow to the Biden Administration over illegal immigration, and this move will not be an easy one for the pro – illegal immigration president.

Conservative brief reports, Recently, the U.S. The Supreme Court handed down several important immigration decisions. According to the nation’s highest court, illegal aliens detained for six months do not have a legal right to a bond hearing.

The decision addressed two separate cases involving three illegal aliens, two Mexican nationals who had previously been deported. After being detained for six months, they filed a putative class action for a bond hearing. A third illegal alien was from El Salvador and reentered illegally after being deported. Also, he sued for a bond hearing in federal court in Washington. The case was brought to the high court under the Trump administration and was inherited by the Biden administration, which continued to pursue the previous administration’s fight.

American Civil Liberties Union criticized Biden’s move, claiming the administration was on the wrong side of the issue.

The court held that the statute does not bar class-wide injunctive relief, but leaves open the possibility of injunctive relief for multiple plaintiffs.

Justice Alito wrote, “It generally prohibits lower courts from entering injunctions that order federal officials to take or to refrain from taking actions to enforce, implement, or otherwise carry out the specified statutory provisions.”

While the court battles rage over the illegal immigration crisis, house Republicans are waging war to fix the border crisis.

Fox news reports.

Republicans now have a chance to force the President’s hand and reclaim control of our border from cartels.  Under House Resolution 29, the Border Security and Safety Act, DHS will be required to instead “detain or turn away.” illegal immigrants.

This is the border security equivalent of Title 42, the pandemic prevention deterrent that Republicans have supported – somewhat imprudently – as the solution to the border problems.  During the pandemic it was only a Band-Aid solution and a health policy is not a border policy, but its powers make clear what the border solution is.

Biden’s administration has used asylum as an exception to swallow border security rules; now hundreds of thousands of people arrive at our southern border every month. 

Mayorkas has released between 1-2 million illegal migrants into American communities, mostly through an abuse of parole authority that is supposed to be used on a case-by-case basis. 

The Supreme Court’s decision was a significant blow to the Biden Administration, which continues to ignore his oath of office while allowing millions of illegal immigrants into the country. In spite of the recent rulings, Democrats are still pushing to expand the supreme court and pack it with liberal justices to ensure that the liberal woke agenda is carried out throughout the country. We need to make sure we stand in the way of this effort, and protect the American way of life, and the constitution.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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