BIDEN PANIC: Watch Reporters Viciously Grill White House As GarageGate Scandal Spins Out-of-Control

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Fireworks exploded in the White House press room when reporters confronted Karine Jean-Pierre over the GarageGate scandal that has thrown President Biden’s administration into panic mode. Unveiling Biden’s biggest scandal yet, Jean-Pierre didn’t know how to respond to heavy questioning from the press. Reporters were not backing down, their eyes seemingly locked on the alleged Democrat mission to take down Biden and his administration.

There was no letting up from White House reporters on Monday but it was Peter Doocy who won the day as he went head to head with Karine Jean-Pierre in a fierce debate. With revelations pouring out every minute, it seems like this scandal is putting President Biden on the ropes from which he may not recover. It’s clear now a greenlight has been given for the media to take out Biden as this bombshell story continues its dramatic unraveling unlike ever before seen in a US presidential office. We can only wait and see if Biden will be able to survive this intense scrutiny or get caught red handed by those eager for his downfall.

The fuse was lit when AP’s Zeke Miller asked KJP if  Biden was surprised more classified material was found at his home.

A classic non-answer from the White House diversity hire.

ABC’s Mary Bruce pressed KJP asking: “Why should American people believe Biden takes classified docs seriously?”

Despite ABC’s Mary Bruce’s tough questions, KJP repeated her old talking points and bizarrely claimed that Biden respects classified documents. To which ruce hit back harder asking: “why then did it take several searches and the FBI?”

Again, a non-answer from the First female black lesbian press secretary.

Next up was CBS’s Nancy Cordes who clearly got the memo that the gloves are off when it comes to Biden when she asked: “Why doesn’t he have regrets given that classified documents keep turning up?”

Again, Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer. But perhaps the best question of the day came from Fox News’ Peter Doocy.

Given the gravity of the scandal and many speculating this is an “inside job” by Barrack Obama to clear a path for Michelle Obama to run for the White House in 2024, Doocy followed up with this doozy.

Jean-Pierre said Biden intends to run again in 2024, so Doocy asked about “precedent”.

Then Doocy dropped the bomb on KJP when he brought up the “potential cover-up” alleged by the House Oversight Committee Chairman which knocked her off center.

There is no turning back now. It’s out there in the open and the media has it in for old Joe. GarageGate has thrown President Biden’s administration into panic and with each passing day, the heat is intensifying and the fuse has been lit. Peter Doocy winning his face-off with Karine Jean-Pierre was another nail in the coffin for Biden but maybe, just maybe he will against all odds pull through. Despite these events unfolding, not many people can confidently say what comes next for Biden and his administration as it appears one false move will bring them to their knees. Will history be written or will we find a way back from these tense times? Only time can tell…

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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