Borders in Chaos: Help Needed Now! Texas Sheriff’s Distress Call

An unimaginable wave of illegal immigration is forcing a Texas border sheriff to seek assistance from other sheriffs across the state and beyond.
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An unimaginable wave of illegal immigration is forcing a Texas border sheriff to seek assistance from other sheriffs across the state and beyond.

According to NewsNation reporter Ali Bradley, Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe sent a letter to other sheriffs across several states. He thanked the sheriffs of Galveston and Goliath counties for their assistance, but said his county’s resources are at the breaking point.

Coe writes, “The safety and security of our county has been constantly under threat since early 2021 by those who have no desire to seek asylum through lawful means. Our homes are being broken into in the middle of the night. The local school district has been forced to erect military barricades around campus to protect students from smugglers evading law enforcement. Walking outside on our own property after dark is no longer safe.”

Coe continued, writing, “The residents of Kinney County no longer enjoy the comfort and safety of their own home. Words cannot adequately describe the conditions on the ground and the daily threats we have been forced to contend with.”

In addition to patrolling roads and local ranches, Coe’s officers serve on a “brush team” that arrests aliens who trespass on local ranches illegally.

Coe wrote, “Under normal circumstances, our county would not support a large or robust law enforcement presence. However, these are extraordinary times.”

He concluded, saying, “By sending this letter, I am requesting any aide that your county may be able to provide in this border crisis, whether it be manpower, equipment, or operators. This crisis has made all counties a border county. It is imperative that we stand ready here at the border in order to protect and serve the people of our great state.”

Just three months ago, a local news station highlighted Sheriff Coe’s struggle with increases in human smuggling at the southern border.

Since Biden took office, 5.6 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border. CBP apprehended five million illegal immigrants while over one million gotaways eluded Border Patrol.

Sheriff Coe’s cry for help shines a national spotlight on the critical security, humanitarian and national security crisis that is overwhelming southern border communities. Kinney County has too few resources from the Biden administration to help address this issue in their own county and have been forced to rely on assistance from other states. It is a national disgrace that there continues to be a lack of action from the Biden administration, leaving local law enforcement with limited options. We must come together as a nation in order to find solutions to this crisis that ensures national security.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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