Mayor Of Miami vs. Bail Policy: ‘Criminals Running Wild?

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Mayor Francis Suarez caused a stir among viewers with his fiery words about lawlessness in the United States. He argued that the liberal push for no cash bail policies in cities across America has endangered law enforcement officers and led to crime sprees. His bold statement serves as a warning sign of the frightening lawlessness crisis our country is in thanks to ill-advised, liberal policies that only lead our nation further down a dangerous path.

Across this nation liberal jurisdictions are making cash-less bail a reality, which just further enables criminals to continue their crime sprees unhindered. However there are some who are willing to stand up to this insane practice. 

Daily Wire reports, Francis Suarez, the Republican mayor of Miami, said Sunday that cities and counties across the country lack cash bail policies.

During a panel discussion on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday, Suarez, who serves as President of the US Conference of Mayors, argued that bail reform has led to “lawlessness.” As a result of the lax punishment for criminals, he said that the economy has been hurt and crimes like petty theft have increased.


In Illinois a recent attempt at cash-less bail is facing massive pushback.

City Journal reports, About 60 state’s attorneys challenged the law, and as the New Year approached, the judge handling the consolidated cases declared the no-bail provisions unconstitutional. In order to avoid a situation where some counties went into effect but not others, the Illinois supreme court put the provisions on hold until the matter could be resolved.

According to Circuit Judge Thomas W. Cunnington, the decision lays out the strongest legal arguments against cash bail, while rejecting some more aggressive claims that would have invalidated the entire statute.


Mayor Francis Suarez, a Miami Republican and President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, lamented Sunday on the CBS show “Face the Nation” about lawlessness caused by the liberal no-cash bail policies enacted in cities and counties throughout America. He vehemently contends that these careless practices have enabled petty criminals to go on crime sprees; from stealing from businesses to endangering law enforcement officers with no fear of punishment or consequence. As a result, our cities are facing an unprecedented crisis fueled by these dangerous liberal policies. It is time that law makers across this nation look to reinstate peace and safety in our cities!

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