Breaking News: Immigration Reformer Drops Bombshell On Joe Biden And Drug Cartels?!

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This week, an immigration expert dropped a bombshell on Joe Biden and the drug cartels. Trust me when I say that this could be news that will shake up the entire immigration landscape, as this jaw-dropping accusation is a story worth learning more about!

Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said on Wednesday that the Democrats are intentionally flooding the country with illegal immigrants to change the political electorate and maintain their power.

Summit News reports, in an interview with Fox News, Stein said the situation is deliberate, adding, “The Biden Administration are co-conspirators with the cartels, who are operating with impunity all across America now.”

Stein further argued that “Democrats are invested in trying to reengineer the electorate through mass illegal immigration.”

Stein’s comments follow the release of data by the Customs and Border Protection Agency showing a record number of illegal crossings were recorded in December 2022, with 17 people on terrorism watchlists apprehended.

According to Friday’s numbers, 251,487 illegal immigrants crossed the border in December, the highest monthly total in history.

It makes sense that Biden and his party are doing everything they can to allow an influx of illegal immigrants into our country in order to create a labor force and reengineer the electorate, despite its damaging effects on border security. This should be reason enough for Biden’s impeachment, as it betrays one of the utmost duties of any leader: upholding protection and safety for its citizens. Democrats disguising themselves as monsters has gone on far too long – it is time to finally take a stand against these sick lawmakers.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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