‘So Bad’, Even Eagles Players Fall Victim To Philly’s Criminal Haven!

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 In recent years, thieves have been able to get away with their crimes due to lack of governing agency oversight and law enforcement attention. To draw attention to this injustice, the perpetrators have started using an unconventional approach that may warrant unnecessary attention. This new strategy has gotten the attention of local and national news. Which may also get the attention of political leaders.

Philadelphia, like many democrat run cities is now facing an alarming crime wave. Committed crimes range from theft and muggings to carjackings, assaults and homicides; leaving many of the city’s neighborhoods at risk and in fear. Although each of these offenses are serious in their own right and deserve recognition from local political leaders – none have made a lasting impression on how this municipality approaches safeguarding its residents. That was until recently when criminals crossed a line; stealing a car from a much-loved member of the Philadelphia Eagles football team – sparking intensified attention to this worsening situation.

The washington examiner reports, in the over 300-year history of Philadelphia, it has never experienced a crime wave like this. Several crimes plague the city’s communities, such as theft, muggings, assaults, carjackings, and homicides. Despite these stories humiliating Philadelphia, Democratic government officials sit idly by, silently giving their consent to policies that turn the city’s jails into doors.

Criminals may have committed the ultimate sin by stealing a car from a player on Philadelphia Eagles’ beloved football team.

Fox gave us a sense of just how bad things have gotten.

Following Saturday night’s playoff win over the New York Giants, Eagles safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson’s vehicle was stolen. On Monday, he revealed the crime on Instagram Live.

Maybe Democrats will finally start taking crime seriously instead of blaming everyone and everything besides criminals and district attorneys who implemented reforms that took people out of jail and returned them to society.

Unfortunately (and embarrassingly), Gardner-Johnson isn’t the only VIP victim of car theft. Interestingly, Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA) was carjacked at gunpoint in the afternoon of December 20, 2021, nearby the Philadelphia Eagles practice facility.

It can be easy to feel like the leftist leaders in Philadelphia don’t care about regular people and their needs. However, when their gods, known as our beloved athletes and celebrities with millions of followers, express dissatisfaction to Democrat policies it’s a different story. All of a sudden the situation has shifted; these influential figures get the attention they deserve on any issue they bring up. Unfortunately this means that many average citizens have to face an unfair risk without the means to protect themselves as these stars do – by hiring security. It may not be pleasant to accept, but this is the world in which we live today. We as a society are partly to blame because we’ve allowed these athletes to be worshiped, hence why they’re granted special treatment. Until we bring them back to earth, an elitist ran society is in our midst if we aren’t already there.

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