Bizarre Twist! Eating Bugs Is the New Normal in Europe

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 It’s a race to the proverbial health bottom. We Americans thought we had it bad with our diets, laden with added sugars and processed convenience foods, but when it comes to the European Union’s latest decision, they may just get top honors. In an effort to reduce the negative impact of “climate change”, the EU is taking things too far.

Recently, the European Union has taken a controversial leap in the advancement of its food regulations. The union has approved the addition of partially defatted powder made from Acheta Domesticus, commonly known as the house cricket, to its food market. While many globalists are excited by this new regulation, normal people are hesitant to accept it due to its disgusting nature. Until now, these insects were not accepted as an edible product available for consumption. However, the globalist cult has come to advocate for it and other alternative protein-rich sources. 

We love Trump reports, Under the guise of saving the planet, Schwab, Gates, and their WEF henchmen want the serfs to eat bugs.

According to these globalists, eating meat perpetuates climate change. As a result, we need to add bugs to the menu.

This globalist agenda has been years in the making and just last year the EU decided to join the fun


According to Olive Oil Times, Consumers in the European Union can now purchase Acheta Domesticus, also known as the house cricket. With the newly approved regulation, food producers will be able to introduce partially defatted powder of Acheta Domesticus to the European market for food.

According to reports, crackers, cereals, and pasta have begun containing an additive made from powdered crickets.

According to political commentator Eva, “EU regulation will go into effect that allows for ‘acheta domesticus’, aka house crickets, to be added to flour, bread, pasta etc. as an ‘authorised novel food for the general population. They want you to eat bugs without you knowing it.”

In 2019, the European Commission passed the application presented by Cricket One. It can now be used to make a variety of foods, including pizzas and pastas, nuts and oilseeds, snacks and sauces, meat and soup preparations, multigrain breads, crackers, breadsticks etc…

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which verified and approved the powder’s safety, gave approval shortly after the scientific opinion.

With their billions of dollars, the elites have already achieved all that they possibly can and now they want more. They want power over people which is why they have created this globalist agenda – to gain control, not because it’s actually beneficial in any way but simply because it’s their next logical step to satisfy their thirst for power. This has nothing to do with the reality of climate change or anything else they claim, it’s just a power play with one goal in mind — Control. Giving in to their manipulation today can seem like an easy solution, but if our eyes are not opened soon enough, we will suddenly wake up to find there is nothing left to give. Never Give an Inch!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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