CHAOS ENSUES: Left Goes Berserk as Megyn Kelly Slams “Dr” Biden 

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After cameras panned to Jill Biden during Sunday’s NFL game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers, Twitter users went wild.  One person who ignited quite the frenzy on the social media platform was Megyn Kelly, who called out the NFL announcers for how they introduced the First Lady during the game. 

In the NFC Championship game between the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers Sunday afternoon, Jill Biden was in attendance. However, she wasn’t with Joe Biden. It was Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, who was sitting with her.

During the broadcast, the cameras panned to her and Goodell as the announcer quickly referred to her as “Doctor Jill Biden.” For some reason, Jill continues to insist on demanding that the title “doctor” always be put in front of her name as the sheep in the media obediently comply.

In response to the announcer referring to Biden as “Dr.,” journalist Megyn Kelly had a reaction that drove people on the left crazy.

Kelly tweeted, “Announcers for this Eagles-49ers game just spotted the First Lady in a box and of course call her “Dr. Jill Biden.” Wonder if she realizes what a wannabe she looks like insisting on this fake title. Get a real MD or just work on your self-esteem.”

Leftists and liberal media people were furious at Kelly for questioning the edict that Jill Biden be called “Dr.”

It was clear from their responses that they didn’t even know what Jill’s degree was, with many claiming she had a Ph.D., which would require much more research than what she did for her degree.

Former MSNBC anchor David Shuster replied to Kelly’s tweet, saying, “Hey @megynkelly, on behalf of everybody who has a phd, or knows somebody who has one and can appreciate the tireless years of work it takes to research, write, and defend a dissertation, go f*ck yourself.”

Another person replied to Kelly’s tweet by commenting, “Let me be REAL clear: @megynkelly is TRASH for this tweet. NO CLASS. A PhD IS a real title. In journalism, we typically only call medical doctors by that title. But elsewhere, it is used. I guess Megyn is such a hater that she likely wouldn’t say Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

Meanwhile, more Twitter users called out the broadcast announcers for referring to Biden as a doctor, with one person tweeting, “Jill Biden is not a real doctor, just like Joe Biden is not a real president.”

Another added, “Jill Biden is a school teacher, Ronny Jackson is a doctor.”

The NFL insisting that Jill Biden is a Dr further shows just how far left the league has shifted in recent years. In addition, it’s not only disturbing, but shameful that Jill allows the media to perpetuate a false narrative about her title. Jill Biden, despite what her husband or sympathizers imply, is not a doctor – she is a school teacher. It’s reprehensible that such an undeserved title is being repeatedly placed in front of her name to gain undeserved credibility when she has no credentials for it.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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