Unbelievable Show of Force!! Did Mills Take His New Role Too Literally?

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 It’s said that first impressions are lasting impressions, and it looks like one of the newest members of Congress is taking that to heart with a big bang. Nothing like showing up to your first day on the job with a bold statement as this new member of Congress did – shaking up the entire environment with just one move. 

Representative Cory Mills of Florida is off to a groundbreaking start in the new 118 session of Congress, immediately taking up his mantle as a member of committees dedicated to promoting national security. In a surprising move, he recently distributed what he assures are inert grenades to many of his colleagues in the House GOP. This attention-grabbing gesture was designed to kickstart the newly republican lead Congress with intrigue and excitement, demonstrating that Rep. Mills is passionate about doing what it takes to protect citizens from external threats and deliver stability for everyone across the nation.

Daily wire reports, freshman House Republican starts off the new Congress with a bang.

The Florida representative, Cory Mills, handed out inert grenades to colleagues as a mark of his appointment to national security committees

I’m sure many of you are thinking to yourself right now, what kind of man does something this outrageous? Well, you’re in luck because you’re about to find out.


Makes sense now? Good!

Morgan Phillips of the Daily Mail shared a photo Thursday of one of the grenades, which features the Republican Party’s elephant symbol along with a letter.

The letter reads: “Welcoming you to a mission-oriented 118th Congress. I am eager to get to work for the American people, and I look forward to working with you to deliver on this commitment. I am honored to be a part of the Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees. In that spirit, it is my pleasure to give you a 40 mm grenade, made for a MK19 grenade launcher. These are manufactured in the Sunshine State and first developed in the Vietnam War.”

According to Mills’ spokesman, the photograph is legitimate and stresses, “the grenades are inert, and were cleared through all security metrics.”

Mills is certainly making a name for himself in the 118th congress and given the current state of affairs, he couldn’t have chosen a better time to do so. As impossible as it may seem, this congress has the potential to become a part of a war against influences that want to see America fall. If I had to choose anyone to join me in this fight, Mills would undoubtedly be my first pick. He’s been vocal about how our country can be improved and has rightly identified who the enemies are. We need more bold minded individuals like him who are prepared to do battle for what’s right and noble. We MUST win America back!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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