MSNBC’s Woke Warriors Battle Governor DeSantis Over `Black History’

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Desantis is a hero in many conservatives’ eyes for standing up to the woke mob and liberal insanity. But, you can just feel the outrage and anger exuding from MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan’s comment, claiming that under Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the state has “gone from don’t say gay to don’t say black.”

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan is quickly becoming the latest hero of the woke mob, fearlessly spouting liberal insanity in his attempt to vilify Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. This is a classic case of the woke mob making claims it can’t back up, but that won’t stop them from repeating this tired narrative that DeSantis is a villain. 

Newsbusters reports, it is clear that MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan has no fear of being fact-checked by the so-called “independent fact checkers” and for good reason, it seems they prefer to target conservatives. The fact-checkers would have given Hasan a pants-on-fire false rating if he had claimed that under Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the state “has gone from don’t say gay to don’t say black.”

Of course, this is a lie since the Parental Rights in Education law does not ban the term “gay.” In fact, it does not appear in the text of the law as NewsBusters previously reported. DeSantis hasn’t banned “black history” from being taught in public schools, it’s just this one course that he believes is inappropriate.   

Desantis recently stood up to the liberal elites in the media over his decision to stop the controversial class.

Politico reports, despite outrage among Black leaders over Florida’s decision to reject access to an AP course on African American studies, Gov. Ron DeSantis stood by the decision.

According to the Republican governor, the course being offered to some high school students reaches too far into political agendas, covering topics such as queer studies and prison abolition. Nevertheless, Democratic lawmakers and faith leaders in the state are seeking to overturn the DeSantis administration’s decision that the class has “significantly low educational value.”

Let’s see Desantis’ statement on the matter.

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan threw woke mob liberal insanity into high gear. DeSantis is a hero for opposing woke censorship and woke history and standing firm in protecting kids’ education. This is exactly why conservatives prefer freedom over woke speech domination by the political left – clearly liberals like Hasan are too busy fomenting their false accusations than actually allowing people real freedom of expression. 

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