Did Joe Biden Talk To a Ghost On The Train? Creepy Joe Caught in Amtrak Trainwreck of LIES!

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As the leader of the greatest nation in history, our president has an immense responsibility to his citizens. However, he seems to lack the competency to fulfill this important role as he habitually tells the same stories regardless if they are grounded in truth or not. It is unnecessary to say that this behavior is worrying, especially when accompanied by an underwhelming vice president whose attempts at public speaking feel more suitable for ten-year-olds than adults. America is living a never ending nightmare.

President Joe Biden’s story of the Amtrak conductor has been causing a stir among conservative media and even garnered a response from the Republican National Committee Research account on Twitter. Unfortunately, the RNC pointed out that the conductor President Biden claimed to have spoken with retired decades ago, thereby raising doubts about it ever happening in the first place. Reports do suggest that President Biden was a regular user of Amtrak during his years as vice president, so naturally people had questions when he shared his anecdote. At this point in time it appears highly unlikely that there is any basis for this tall tale, leaving observers to wonder if President Biden simply exaggerated or misremembered an event from decades ago.

The Washington Examiner reports, President Joe Biden repeated a widely debunked story about a conversation he had with an Amtrak conductor on Monday.

Despite the fact that the conductor in question reportedly retired in 1993, the claim that he added up the miles he traveled has been debunked, according to RNC Research.

Watch as he incoherently tells the story:

During the time in question, the conductor, Angelo Negri, was a close friend of the president. As a result, he died in May 2014 and retired almost two decades ago, long before Biden became vice president in 2008 under former President Barack Obama.

The president mentioned the story as part of a speech touting the Northeast Corridor, which will replace the 150-year-old Baltimore and Potomac Tunnel.

According to CNN, Biden’s story has been used in the past to highlight his connection with commuters and the Amtrak system.

CNN reported Biden brought up Negri during a Wisconsin speech on Tuesday to promote a bipartisan infrastructure proposal that includes $66 billion in rail funding.

Although the story cannot be confirmed because Negril is deceased, it has been confirmed by CNN, take that with a grain of salt, that they were friends.

Although Olga Betz, Negri’s stepdaughter, cannot confirm Biden’s story, she knows for sure that he and Negri were friends. According to Negri, he was “very thoughtful and personable with the conductors; he knew them all by name.”

Joe’s struggles with complete sentences, or lack thereof, have become the butt of all manner of jokes in recent months. It is more apparent that the man occupying the most important office in our country is seemingly unable to communicate even the simplest of ideas. We can only shudder to think what impact his cognitive decline has had, and may continue to have, on our nation as a whole. How a vegetable was able to get selected at all by the Democrats out of their lineup of horrible candidates during the last election is an appalling truth worthy of serious consideration. Soon enough, if he persists on his current course, we might expect to see President Joe Biden giving press conferences from a nursing home.

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