Biden’s Biggest Problem Unmasked – What Pete Buttigieg Revealed That Everyone Should Hear

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The inflation crisis is getting worse, the economy is struggling to stay afloat, and President Biden failed to deliver on his promises – yet Secretary Pete Buttigieg still had the audacity to suggest that it’s simply because people cannot keep up with all of the president’s accomplishments! 

Such a statement by someone of his political stature is mind-boggling and blatantly disregards the many crises plaguing America from shortages of basic goods to skyrocketing numbers in inflation. It’s no wonder Joe Biden’s approval ratings remain low – his grandiose statements are a single drop in an ocean filled with citizen discontent.

Trending politics reports. In an interview with Chuck Todd on Sunday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg claimed that Biden’s popularity numbers aren’t higher because Americans can’t keep up with his “long list” of accomplishments. In addition to the statement itself, the fact that he said it with a straight face is even more bizarre.

But Buttigieg did not stop there, next he went to CNN to laud the president’s accomplishments, and defend his age.

Mayor Pete must not have seen the recent polling results showing that 41% of Americans are in worse financial shape than they were two years ago. The results of this poll are by far the worst in over forty years.


Pete Buttigieg’s suggestion that Biden’s approval ratings aren’t higher simply because Americans can’t keep up with his long list of accomplishments is ludicrous, especially in the wake of inflation, shortages, and a sluggish economy. It seems clear that Biden has failed to make any meaningful reforms since he took office, despite having the support of much of the mainstream media. It’s no surprise then that many Americans are angered by the utter lack of actual progress and the lack of transparency in the Biden administration. Perhaps Secretary Buttigieg should take a more active role in achieving real reform rather than trying to offer excuses for why his boss has yet to deliver on his promises?

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Next News Network Team

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