PARENTS BEWARE: New Disney+ Cartoon Song Takes Kids Show to Unprecedented ‘Woke’ Heights

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Many have seen the disaster that is Disney+’s latest and most woke cartoon, and if you haven’t already, consider yourself lucky. The new cartoon shows just how far Disney+ has gone down the “woke-trail” this time. It’s simply outrageous the kind of message they are teaching our young ones with this new cartoon. In this video, we’ll talk about why Disney+’s new cartoon is taking “wokeness” to an entire new level – one which parents should be highly aware of.

The Disney cartoon series “Proud Family” recently aired an episode that showcased kids singing about reparations we “owe” to black Americans.

An episode that aired on Disney+ recently, titled “Louder and Prouder,” examines the history of Juneteenth when the kids discover their town’s founder was a slave owner. 

The song begins, saying, “This country was built on slavery — which means slaves built this country” — and that line was repeated over and over throughout.

The song continued, “We the descendants of slaves in America have earned reparations for their suffering.”

Even the debunked “Hands up, don’t shoot” claim from Ferguson, Missouri, was included in the cartoon.

“Slaves built this country,” the cartoon characters shouted again, adding that “we made your families rich.” They listed plantation owners, northern banks, New England ship owners, the Founding Fathers, and current senators as those who had profited from slavery.

Jack Posobiec tweeted in response to the cartoon, “”

Another person called the cartoon, “Blatant anti-white propaganda.”

It’s sickening how far  woke Disney+ has gone this time by introducing inappropriate and brainwashing content to its young viewers. In the episode of the ‘Proud Family’ cartoon aired on their streaming service, they knowingly exposed kids to the concept of reparations while wistfully singing; “This country was built on slavery — which means slaves built this country.” It is completely overboard that Disney+ is using innocent children to push political agendas on those who might not be able to comprehend the message being portrayed yet. With this new cartoon, Disney+ has totally reached top tier wokeness and parents must take caution in hiding their kids from such sick messages.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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