The Moment Every American Laughed At Biden’s SOTU Speech That You NEED To See Right Now

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Last night, Joe Biden delivered his second State of the Union address as president. And while there were some serious moments during the speech, there was also one moment that had every sane American laughing at him. Biden was talking about oil production and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy immediately burst into laughter, along with other members of the GOP.

President Joe Biden’s comment on Tuesday during the State of the Union Address in response to concerns expressed by oil producers was met with laughter from Republicans in the House and Senate. Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other GOP lawmakers immediately burst out into chuckles. As he continued to address the issue, Biden highlighted that oil would still be needed for at least a decade, but he suggested that producers should use their profits to invest in production and lower gas prices for everyone, rather than just buying back their own stocks to benefit CEOs and shareholders.

@GaryHalpin23 reacted, “Oil and gas is vital to life and will be for hundreds of years”

Nellybean reacted, “Craziest statement made so far. It’s a ridiculous comment”

@Shteina_Gott reacted, “That’s because scientists are hard at work figuring out how to make plastics from wind.”

Brian Boniecki reacted, “He’s a laughing stock. Only the joke is on us.”

The Biden administration has come under fire from both Republicans and Democrats for its handling of the oil industry. Republicans have accused the administration of trying to strangle the oil industry, while Democrats have accused the administration of not doing enough to address climate change. The administration has responded by saying that it is committed to both reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring that the United States is not dependent on other countries for its oil supply.

As part of a broader strategy, Republican House members are making strides in a dual direction, introducing two pieces of legislation that would protect both American interests and environmental responsibility. First, prohibiting President Joe Biden from selling any oil from the United States’ Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to China, and secondly prohibiting non-emergency releases from the SPR unless domestic oil and gas production levels are boosted. These measures, if passed, would ensure that the United States continues to invest in clean energy while also protecting its own energy security.

Joe Biden’s second State of the Union address was certainly an entertaining performance, though not in the way he wanted it to be. The President made a comment about oil production causing House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans to burst into laughter. It was clear that everyone in America was laughing with them since Biden’s notion that the US will no longer need fossil fuels in a decade is wildly unrealistic, especially in a country that still runs on oil products. The mocking response to his comment serves as further proof that Biden has become a laughingstock of the world during his presidency, as he panders to radical environmental extremists at every turn. The Biden presidency is truly nothing more than a joke now.

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