WATCH Biden Crap HIs Pants When Reporter CONFRONTS Him on His Crimes

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It’s been quite a month for the Biden administration, from the Chinese spy balloon fiasco to the classified documents being found in Joe’s garage and former office. Now, one reporter has taken it into her own hands to ask Joe Biden point blank questions on the matter, which had him squirming in his seat during the entire televised interview. 

Joe Biden denied Americans transparency once again in a brand new PBS sit-down interview that aired Wednesday afternoon.

Trending Politics reports, Biden dodged a question entirely about the classified document scandal, claiming he had been “instructed” not to discuss the matter.

According to Biden, any answer he provides could disrupt the investigation. Nevertheless, why conceal the information he knows if he has nothing to hide?

During the interview, there were a number of other doozies. In another moment, Biden declined to elaborate on a question about China. The situation was extremely awkward.

During the interview, Biden also complained that politics had become “too mean ”.

On Twitter, the Republican National Committee account, RNC Research, called out Biden’s hypocrisy, saying that this is the same person who smeared conservatives as “insurrectionists” not too long ago.

Joe Biden has been the liar-in-chief for far too long and his recent PBS interview is just further proof that he and his administration continue to hold secrets, dodging questions and leaving the American public with no real transparency into what’s going on. This interview had it all, from the Chinese spy balloon fiasco, to documents found in Joe’s garage, and Biden was left squirming in his seat during the entire broadcast. With so much of Biden’s past stemming from scandal and sketchy deals, there is simply far too much baggage for him to defend honesty. The interviewer even went as far as asking point blank questions on these matters but, unfortunately, they were met with yet another wave of deflection, again only emphasizing Biden’s lack of openness and accountability.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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