China SPIES: ‘Button Down Our Nukes!’ – USA Imposes Emergency Restrictions

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When the mysterious Chinese spy balloon sailed through our airspace, alarm bells rang for citizens across the nation. Despite assuring us that this was nothing to worry about, government officials were taken aback at how skeptical and unconvinced we were. As it turns out, our skepticism wasn’t unfounded. American civilians had every right to be bothered by it for the sake of theirs and that of their military’s national security.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin made headlines recently when he admitted that the United States ensured that its nuclear bases were secure in response to last week’s Chinese spy balloon flying over the country. Although this flew in the face of what many Americans heard in the media, Austin was deliberate and clear in his remarks during an interview , proving citizens that skepticism right.

Breitbart reports, The Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, told CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin on Wednesday that in response to the Chinese spy balloon that flew over the country last week, the United States ensured that its nuclear bases were “buttoned down” and that “movement and communications were limited so as to avoid exposing any capability unnecessarily”

Austin explained that all U.S. nuclear bases were subject to buttoning down.

Martin asked, “You don’t know what it was looking for, but you certainly know what you were concerned about it looking for. What were you concerned about it looking for?”

TAKE A LOOK at the general’s response.

CBS’s David Martin pointed out a much more pressing issue that most Americans and the rest of the world are aware of. It is part of a much larger goal for China.

Finally, what General Lloyd had to say about China’s response is quite interesting.

China’s ambitions have become a rising cause for concern in recent years. The country’s audacity to test the boundaries of international airspace, from the Arctic to the Indian Ocean, has been met with no resistance from nearly any country who holds a stake in these territories. This lack of reprimand has been interpreted as a sign of weakness for many, and it undoubtedly emboldens China to continue trying their luck at world domination one step at a time. This should raise questions about what they’ll test next. After that last stunt we know something big is coming and we better be prepared.

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