‘No Turning Back?’ Joe Biden Vows To Stand With Ukraine Despite Republican Doubts

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On the anniversary of Russia’s infamous invasion of Ukraine, World War 3 seems more and more inevitable as Biden is refusing to back down from giving more aid and weaponry to the fight in Ukraine, even as support for the war effort here at home is at its lowest. 

Russia is only beginning to ramp up its military efforts as the winter season is coming to a close, and Joe Biden is in Europe to triple down on his promises to defeat Russia on Ukrainian soil.

VOA news reports, with a speech Tuesday in Poland, President Joe Biden marked the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In spite of growing Republican reticence and a softening support among Americans, Biden reaffirmed the US’ commitment to Ukraine’s defense “for as long as it takes.”

On Tuesday morning, Biden arrived in Warsaw to meet the Polish President to discuss “collective efforts to support Ukraine and strengthen NATO’s deterrence,” according to National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby.

Additionally, Biden met with NATO leaders from the Bucharest Nine (B-9), which includes Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.

B-9 countries feel the Russian threat more acutely and are pressing for a stronger military response compared to other European nations including France and Germany, whose citizens are more concerned about ways to end the conflict and question the war’s impact on their own economies.

Ahead of Biden’s trip to Poland Kamala Harris took center stage and delivered a message about the atrocities that Russia has committed.

CNN reports, Vice President Kamala Harris announced Saturday in Germany that the US government has determined that Russia committed crimes against humanity during its war in Ukraine.

The US is seeking to punish Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine with the strongest accusation yet. Last March, the US government declared that members of the Russian armed forces had committed war crimes in Ukraine. According to Joe Biden and Antony Blinken, war crimes have been committed, and Biden has also said that atrocities at the hands of Moscow’s troops qualify as genocide.

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Recently it was discovered that  China is considering giving Russia weapons and ammunition for the Ukraine war.

Secretary of state Antony Blinken stated that Chinese companies were already providing non-lethal support to Russia – and new information suggested Beijing could now provide lethal support.

He warned that this escalation would have “serious consequences” for China.

Reports that Moscow has requested military equipment have been denied by China.

While Chinese President Xi Jinping is an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, he has remained neutral in the conflict and called for peace. There has been no formal response from China regarding America’s declaration that crimes against humanity have occurred in Ukraine.

The world seems edging ever closer to World War three with the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine coming up, and President Joe Biden arriving in Warsaw to mark the day. Despite Republicans talk of peace, and polls showing a softening support among Americans, Biden reaffirm U.S commitment to Ukrainian defense ‘for as long as it takes’. However his reluctance to stand up against Russia’s ramping up in world politics has some worried he is not fit for the job – plus recent acknowledgments that the US lost millions to a corrupt Ukrainian government have only exacerbated such feelings of ineptitude. Is world peace too much to ask? It’ll be interesting to see how President Biden handles this delicate situation, as his actions could drag us into a nuclear conflict at any minute.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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