TikTok Leads to Downfall of Teacher – Florida School Board Stands Up Against Wokeness!

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In a state known to push back against the left’s agenda of CRT, a school teacher made one too many controversial decisions that caught the attention of the country. Having gone way above and beyond in an attempt to conquer black history, his actions were extremely inappropriate, leading him now to face severe consequences for advancing his biased beliefs. 

The recent situation with the language arts teacher at Howard Middle School in Orange Country, Florida has been an eye-opening experience for many. The revelations of a series of woke TikTok videos featuring his students have caused serious concern throughout the local school board and rightfully so. It’s reported that the videos depicted white students acting as servants to black students, supposedly to honor Black History month and more.

The Western Journal reports, in Florida, a teacher has been facing serious problems with the local school board after producing woke TikTok videos with his students.

The Twitter account Libs of TikTok shared videos posted by Howard Middle School language arts teacher Ethan Hooper on Friday.

In one video, white students appeared to be serving black students by bowing down to them for Black History Month. Raising serious alarms.

TAKE A LOOK at the disturbing video.

As part of his mockery of Florida education officials, Hooper also ridiculed school officials who removed inappropriate books from their classrooms.

TAKE A LOOK at what was supposed to be hilarious

Florida’s Voice reports that Orange County Public Schools has placed Hooper on administrative leave, implying that he will eventually be terminated.

According to a statement by Michael Ollendorff, media manager at OCPS, “Any employee of [Orange County Public Schools] who creates videos or other content with students in an effort to exploit them for political purposes will be immediately removed from the classroom, placed on administrative leave and swift action will be taken to terminate employment.

Firing the teacher was absolutely the right decision. In no way, shape or form should a person of authority practice this kind of behavior to children who are too young to resist or understand. There is no need for political agendas while trying to educate kids, and similarly there is no room for racism before children period. These children should be properly educated, not exploited by their teachers. We must remind teachers that these actions, especially when it comes to educating impressionable minds about acceptance will not be tolerated. Any teacher that puts their political agenda first in the classroom, should face serious consequences.

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