Border Patrol Uncovers Fentanyl Apocalypse: 100 Million Americans at Risk!

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It is clear that if the Biden administration is aiming to completely devastate our nation, then they have definitely exceeded expectations. Their open-border policy has brought about deadly consequences for many Americans, particularly in light of the recent influx of people attempting to enter the country, and potentially even more dangerous criminals. Even more potentially consequential is what border patrol have recently intercepted, this is not something that should be brushed off lightly! 

U.S. Border Patrol Chief  in Arizona announced a shocking statistic: more than 465lbs of fentanyl have been seized by agents between the ports of entry this fiscal year so far, an amount powerful enough to kill an estimated 100 million people. Unfortunately, this news highlights the dangerous reality we face: with drug seizures continuously on the rise and trafficking growing even more rampant throughout our borders, it is becoming increasingly clear that the increasing influx of narcotics into the U.S. is simply the beginning courtesy of this administration. 

Fox News reports, according to the head of Border Patrol this week, agents have seized enough fentanyl to kill 100 million people between ports of entry so far this fiscal year. That’s more than live in California, Texas, and New York combined.

Raul Ortiz, chief of the Border Patrol, said agents have seized more than 465 pounds of the deadly narcotic between the ports of entry since October.

Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz said, “That’s enough to kill 100 million people.”

The spike in fentanyl has gradually increased since the Biden administration took over and city leaders know exactly where it’s coming from.


This news comes after border agents seized a nearly identical amount just last month. 

Ortiz made the remarks after agents in Arizona’s Yuma Sector spotted an illegal immigrant in possession of 93 lbs of cocaine.

Ortiz continued, “during the month of January alone, agents seized 55 firearms and over 6,800 lbs of narcotics, including enough fentanyl to kill over 60 million people.”

In California there are about 40 million people and in New York there are about 20 million, so that amount of fentanyl could kill every person in both states.

For too long, the American people have been calling for help to contain the influx on the border and yet their pleas have been largely ignored. In President Biden’s State of the Union Address, he barely addressed these issues or acknowledged the dangers that lay ahead as criminal organizations exploit weaknesses in our borders. As a result, cartels are poised to expand their illicit activities even further if no action is taken; a full-scale military effort may be necessary come 2024 when hopefully we will have elected a new administration determined to prioritize public safety. Unfortunately, an ever-increasing number of Fentanyl smuggling reaching our shores means Americans are going to remain in serious danger.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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