Stacey Abrams in BIG Trouble after Tax Documents Reveal DARK Hidden Secret

Stacey Abrams, twice-failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate, could be facing major problems over unreported income according to a Washington Free Beacon report.
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Stacey Abrams, twice-failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate, could be facing major problems over unreported income according to a Washington Free Beacon report.

It is alleged that half a million dollars is missing from the New Georgia Project, a charity linked to her. As a result of the massive financial discrepancy, the Washington Free Beacon reports, the Abrams-linked group may face state and federal investigations.

By expanding Georgia’s non-white electorate, the New Georgia Project has served as the poster child of Abrams’ efforts to turn Georgia blue. With a combined $54.7 million raised since 2020, the group and its affiliate are among the largest leftwing voter registration efforts in the country.

According to the report, the charity paid more than half a million dollars in consulting fees to the Black Male Initiative, another woke organization. However, the Black Male Initiative claims not to have received that payment. Therefore, $533,846 is missing.

According to IRS financial disclosures provided to the Washington Free Beacon, the group collected no consulting income and only $255,000 in donations from all sources in 2021.

This latest ethical stumbling block is raising more questions about the charity. In November, the Free Beacon reported that the New Georgia Project was in turmoil as former senior staff accused its leadership of rampant financial misconduct. In addition, Georgia’s state ethics commission alleges that the group illegally worked to elect Abrams during her failed gubernatorial campaign.

The missing $533,000 is not the only discrepancy on the New Georgia Project’s tax forms, which contain information that accountants say is simply not true. According to the New Georgia Project’s 2020 financial disclosure, no payroll taxes were paid for that year.

Additionally, there is a massive fluctuation in the annual compensation figures. According to its 2021 Form 990, the charity paid $5,671,892 in total compensation to 105 employees that year and $19,142,227 in salaries the previous year. In 2020, however, the group paid salaries to 173 employees for just $1,914,227, a discrepancy of more than $17 million. Neither form, if any, provides an accurate compensation estimate for 2020. This means that even though there were fewer employees in 2021, pay skyrocketed.

Consequently, Abrams and her charity could be in for a world of hurt as investigators probe into what happened and find out whether the allegations of financial misconduct are true and where $533,846 went.

The charity’s alleged unreported income scandal is a concerning turn of events that could end Stacey Abrams career. The questionable behavior of this charity calls for an immediate investigation into what took place. Justice must be served and perpetrators brought to justice no matter who they are. It’s time for investigators to fully act upon their duties and discover what happened with that missing half million dollars. Let’s hope this leads to rightful justice for all involved.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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