Playing Dirty: Lori Lightfoot Accused Of Suppressing Voters Ahead Of Upcoming Election

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The worst mayor in the USA Lori Lightfoot- with skyrocketing crime, lawlessness, and failed policies – is accused of trying to manipulate elections through voter suppression tactics. It’s a dangerous shake-up of democracy that has left many voters shocked and angry. 

Critics have called this remark a blunder at best, and at worst an attempt to manipulate voter outcomes before the spring election. It remains to be seen if these comments will ultimately put our democracy on a slippery slope – one where brazen attempts by liberal Democrat politicians to manipulate an election become commonplace.

ABC 7 Chicago reports, the mayor of Chicago is accused of damaging the democratic process and encouraging voter suppression after suggesting that South Side voters should not vote at all if they don’t support her reelection.

At a campaign stop in Grand Crossing over the weekend, Lightfoot said any vote for anyone other than him would be a vote for Chuy Garcia or Paul Vallas.

By naming US Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia and former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas, Lightfoot identified the two other frontrunners in this year’s mayoral race and her only Hispanic and white opponents. In front of mostly Black voters, Lightfoot spoke in a predominantly Black neighborhood.

Lightfoot said she didn’t mean to imply people shouldn’t vote after casting her vote Monday at Northeastern Illinois University.

Lightfoot stated “If I said anything other than everybody everywhere needs to vote then I misspoke in the heat of a campaign rally, But I’ve been very consistent all along saying everybody everywhere needs to step up, and they need to vote just as I said today.”

One of Lightfoots opponents Chuy Garcia stated “This is disqualifying rhetoric for anyone hoping to lead a Chicago that is a multi-racial and multi-ethnic city,”

Another opponent of Lightfoot’s Brandon Johnson stated “”Lori Lightfoot telling residents not to vote unless they vote for her shows that she cares more about maintaining power for herself than empowering communities or getting things done for the people of our city,”

Recently Lightfoot found herself in even more hot water after communications with school teachers were leaked.

WGN Chicago reports, in exchange for class credit, Lori Lightfoot’s deputy campaign manager emailed at least 73 Chicago Public Schools teachers recently to ask students to help her reelection campaign.

Megan Crane, Lightfoot’s deputy campaign manager, sent the emails to at least 39 CPS teachers at 8:32 am on Tuesday, Jan. 10. At 12:32 pm the following day, Crane sent the same message to at least 34 more teachers.

After this scandal was uncovered Lightfoot was forced to apologize.

Lori Lightfoot, worst mayor in the USA, has failed her city of Chicago on many levels. Skyrocketing crime, lawlessness and now the worst kind of voter manipulation – it’s all been fodder for news around the United States. Her suggestion that South Side voters should not vote at all if they don’t support her is a dangerous shake up of democracy which has left many voters incredulous, angry and shocked. To make matters worse, recent reports of lightfoot asking CPS teachers for help for her reelection campaign only serves to fuel a righteous indignation amongst citizens who expected something better from an elected official. It’s time Lori Lightfoot is held accountable and stops trying to manipulate elections with voter suppression tactics. It is time to Replace Lightfoot.

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