Liberal Hate Exposed: Jake Tapper Admits Ugly Side of Left When Nikki Haley Runs

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It is nothing short of shocking that, despite their supposedly strong support for all kinds of minorities, the left has refused to put their weight behind Nikki Hawley – a face that strikes gold for what they claim to stand for. What makes this case even more outrageous is the fact that it has gained recognition from CNN’s Jake Tapper, who pointed out the obvious treatment yet heavily overlooked – hypocrisy.

Jake Tapper made a bold assertion during one of his pathetic broadcasts, pointing out the racism and prejudices that some on the left have displayed towards former Ambassador Nikki Haley after her announcement to run for office. During his segment, he shined a light at the derogatory attacks aimed at Haley – emphasizing a “very ugly side of the Left”. What a breakthrough this revelation of his was for a leftist..

Daily wire reports, Jake Tapper, the CNN anchor, admitted that Nikki Haley brought out a “very ugly side of the Left” after announcing her candidacy for president.

He discussed the issue with Democratic strategist Paul Begala and National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru – focusing on a number of racially charged attacks launched against the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations since she declared her run for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Let’s watch the rare occurrence as he even got the panel to agree with him.

Tapper tried not to make the remarks made against Haley by leftist pundits a big deal but seemed to have failed to conceal just that.

An attack that was ignored in the discussion came from Tapper’s own colleague, Don Lemon, 56. Lemon suggested during a recent broadcast that Haley, 51, was “past her prime.”

Don Lemon later tweeted a generic apology to Nikki Haley which she didn’t seem to care for.

It’s pretty eye-opening that a left-leaning news pundit had the nerve to bring up the comments in question in the first place and criticize their own side. It’s obvious they were going out of their way to avoid the dreaded “racist” label, but it appears that no matter what they say or do, people will find a way to call them out. Nikki Haley didn’t deserve such ridicule, regardless of her skin color — and whether she was white, green, or orange makes no difference; would they have treated her any differently if she was white? We all know the answer to that. They would have had her for breakfast instead of defending her.

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