URGENT! Chicago Inmates Sound the ALARM – SICK Plot to Influence Mayoral Election EXPOSED!

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The Chicago mayoral election is today and it appears that a suspicious plot to influence the results has been going on for some time now in the prison system. Reports have come in from within the Cook County jail alleging that inmates are being coerced into casting fraudulent ballots as guards look the other way.

Several Chicago inmates claim they are being pressured into voting illegally in the city’s mayoral election.

Inmates at Cook County Jail, some of whom are accused of murder, complained guards were urging them to vote despite being registered elsewhere.

Upon being confronted over the move, the guards claimed they were following orders from higher up. Due to the absence of cameras and election observers, insiders claimed the jail would be an ideal environment for ballot harvesting.

An anonymous inmate told DailyMail.com the guards didn’t care that they might be breaking the law.

Among the 48 inmates in his Division 11, 21 have already voted, but none have been asked if they are registered or eligible to vote, according to another inmate cited by the DailyMail. 

Unnamed sources familiar with Cook County Jail said it is an ideal location for harvesting ballots.

A total of 7,480 inmates are under the custody of the Cook County Sheriff, of which 72.3 percent are black, 19 percent are Latino, and 7.8 percent are white. Crimes committed by inmates range from murder and carjacking to sexual assault of a minor and armed robbery.

According to Chicago voters, violent crime is their top concern in the mayor’s race, and it has continued to rise under Lightfoot. There are nine candidates vying for Chicago mayor, including Mayor Lightfoot, and top Cook County jail officials are urging prisons to vote in today’s race.

Lightfoot faced criticism last week for saying that voters on Chicago’s South Side shouldn’t vote if they don’t vote to re-elect her. 

She has since insisted she misspoke, saying: “If I said anything other than everybody everywhere needs to vote, then I misspoke in the heat of a campaign rally.”

The reported suspicious activities at Cook County Jail in Chicago are simply alarming. Inmates claim they have been pressured by guards to vote illegally in today’s mayoral election,  which raises serious questions about possible collusion at higher levels of command. The alleged incident serves as a stark reminder of how loopholes can threaten free and fair elections across the country. Fortunately, several whistleblowers have come forward with this information, and now there is a need for further investigations into this suspicious plot. It is essential that citizens not only hold their elected officials accountable, but also remain aware of any suspicious activity that could undermine their right to elect their leaders freely and fairly.

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Next News Network Team

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