CREEPY Joe is Back with Uncomfortable Story about a Nurse Whispering In His Ear and Breathing on Him 

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With all of the weird stories we’ve heard come out of Joe Biden’s mouth over the years, you’d think that there would be nothing more he could say to surprise us. However, this week, Biden found a way to top all of his past creepy remarks with one truly uncomfortable and plain weird story about a nurse that cared for him many years ago. 

Creepy Uncle Joe is back. Only President Biden himself could make a speech about thanking nurses so cringe-worthy, and that’s exactly what he did. 

On Tuesday, Biden gave an off-script speech about a time when a nurse made him feel comfortable during a healthcare event in Virginia Beach.

During his speech, Biden mentioned Pearl Nelson, a nurse on the Walter Reed Hospital staff – with whom he was clearly fond of – who cared for him nearly 40 years ago when he was  hospitalized for two life-threatening brain aneurysms

During his remarks, he told a story about Pearl, who he claimed would whisper in his ear and breathe on him.

Just under ice cream, whispering and heavy breathing are two of Biden’s favorite things. It’s no wonder Biden remembered his time in the hospital so fondly. It is clear from this that nurses do not receive enough appreciation (especially Pearl).

Anyways, Biden’s uncomfortable story about poor Pearl made headlines, and even prompted this response from former White House doctor Ronny Jackson:

“Biden IS NOT ok!! He’s being LAUGHED AT by his own supporters because he gets lost mid sentence. He tells creepy bizarre stories about female nurses. It’s BAD. What’s going on at the White House is elder abuse. This man SHOULD NOT be president. It’s time for him to LEAVE NOW!!”

Jackson also made remarks on Fox News following Biden’s remarks in Virginia Beach:

Joe Biden truly outdid himself in the creepy stories department with this particularly uncomfortable one involving the nurse named Pearl. According to Biden, Pearl would whisper in his ear and even breathe on him while caring for him at some point in his past. These bizarre stories have sparked enough concern over the current president’s mental capacity to warrant political intervention, and former White House doctor Ronny Jackson openly expressed that Joe Biden is no longer mentally fit to be president any longer due to cognitive decline. It’s clear that it’s time for an intervention if we hope to uphold the standards of our democracy.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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