RNC Chair Warns Trump: Sign Loyalty Pledge or Face Exclusion From Debates

Conservatives in America have been expressing their extreme disappointment with RNC chair Ronda McDaniel, who recently faced a leadership challenge. However, she has declared a desperate move - proposing an 'America first' move for the upcoming Republican primary! While this kind of proposal could win her minor favor with voters, the move is blatantly obvious: to block Trump from breaking away.
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The Epoch Times reports, the Republican National Committee chair said Sunday that all GOP presidential candidates who wish to participate in the first presidential debate must pledge to support the eventual Republican candidate in 2024.

The first Republican presidential debate will take place in August in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Last week, McDaniel said no other debates had been sanctioned and no final rules had been established for the RNC.

As of Sunday afternoon, neither Trump nor other GOP challengers had responded publicly to her remarks. Other than Trump, Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy are the major Republicans who have announced presidential campaigns.

There are 43 percent of registered Republicans who support Trump, 31 percent who support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and just 4 percent who support Haley. Prior to Ramaswamy’s announcement last week on the Tucker Carlson show, a poll was conducted.

It has been speculated that DeSantis may run for president, but he has not announced his intentions. According to Reuters-Ipsos, Mike Pence, who is also considering a White House run, got 7 percent of Republican support, essentially tied with Haley.

Many Americans are feeling frustrated and cheated due to Ronda McDaniel’s re-election despite a majority opposing her. It is understandable that this anger has been present since after the conclusion of the midterms, Ronda failed to take any responsibility for her performance. The biggest factor against her is her relationship with Mitt Romney which everyone absolutely despises. Since we are stuck with her, we hope she can do her job in preparing us for a great primary so we can win our country back.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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