WHOOPSIE! Swalwell Makes Major Fool out of Himself after Trying to Tie Trump to Ohio Train Disaster 

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It’s not every day that a politician takes a stunt to humiliating extremes, but continuing his fight to blame President Trump for current disasters, California Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell has taken things too far and embarrassed himself all in one go. After claiming he had proof linking the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio to President Trump, the Democratic congressman ended up falling flat on his face.

In an embarrassing tweet, leftist Rep. Eric Swalwell of California attempted to blame former President Donald Trump for the Ohio train disaster.

The Democrat took to Twitter on Monday to blame Trump for the disaster unfolding in East Palestine, Ohio, claiming that the deregulation of railroads led to train cars “exploding.” He posted a screen shot of a Fortune magazine article from 2018 warning about such a risk.

Due to two obvious problems with Swalwell’s claim, his tweet only succeeded in making him look like a fool.

It has already been determined by President Joe Biden’s own National Transportation Safety Board that Trump’s deregulation played no role in what happened in East Palestine.

During that CNN interview, National Transportation Safety Board Chair Jennifer Homendy said, “The wheel bearing failed on car number 23. So even with ECP brakes, the derailment would have occurred.”

Meanwhile, Swalwell’s tweet had an even greater flaw.

An image of a Trump tweet regarding deregulation was posted alongside the Fortune article by the Democrat. There seems to be no connection between the tweet and the article, however. The tweet was sent by Trump on Aug. 3, 2017, and the article was published on Sept. 24, 2018.

There is nothing surprising about this, but it is absolutely insane. Despite the fact that Trump has been out of office for two years, Democrats will blame anything bad on him.

Trump is still being blamed for many things long after he left office, including the Afghanistan withdrawal, inflation, the war in Ukraine, and the border crisis.

The Biden administration has done virtually nothing to help the people in East Palestine, yet Swalwell is playing politics with the disaster by blaming it on Trump. It seems that Biden is more concerned with Ukraine than East Palestine.

The Biden administration needs to take responsibility for its failures and start serving the American people, and Democrats should stop trying to hand everything over to Trump.

Eric Swalwell’s  attempt to blame President Donald Trump for the Ohio train disaster is simply embarassing. While the Biden administration’s National Transportation Safety Board determined that deregulation was not connected to any policy put in place during Trump’s tenure, Swalwell tweeted anyways that Trump’s deregulation had caused the derailment. It appears clearly that the Democrat was desperately attempting to fuel his liberal agenda and try again to pin something on Trump, catering to his base – but he failed miserably. As expected, the needless blame-game came across as extremely humiliating for Swalwell and further exemplifies the lengths that liberals will go through to continue bashing the former president.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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